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I’m still so new to this


It has now been 10 weeks since I was told by my hairdresser that I had a medium sized, round bald patch behind my ear and as someone who has always had really long thick hair this was such a shock! I have now notice another one on the back of my head by my neck. Neither of which have any signs of regrowth and I’m seriously worried that it’ll never come back. I’m only 21 and have no idea what to do. People keep discounting my feelings and I feel like I just need someone to talk to.

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I know exactly how you feel Anon. My hairdresser discovered a bald patch about 18 months ago but we both just assumed it was where I tie my hair up before pinning it up on my head. Gradually since then it has been thinning all over and it doesn’t feel like my hair anymore. I now feel quite unfeminine and feel very envious of women with lovely, thick hair. What are you planning to do next? Presumably you will be seeing your GP with a view to a dermatological referral. That’s what I’m doing. I am also using a shampoo and conditioner which increases volume and that looks a bit better. I have also bought some mousse with adds volume but haven’t used that yet. X

I am at the other end of the age scale but have still been impacted by the hair loss. People cannot understand what they do not experience so you are in the right place for support. There are also support groups on face book, one which is hosted by Alopecia UK is very active. Contact the GP for dermatologist referral to seek professional advice as there are many types of alopecia.

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