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Alopecia seminuniversalis

Hi I'm sixteen when I started getting Alopecia Seminuniversalis my mum was panicking because she knew something was wrong I started getting fever and nose bleeds along with excessive bruising weakness and other symptoms along with that I started getting enlarged lymphnodes and started to feel sick she took me to hospital they said my blood pressure was low and they didn't really do nothing else so yeah I have tried every hair treatment there is nothing works and I get brittle nails too and then I started getting weight loss luckily enough for me i regained weight so yes

Message me back please thanks

Samantha, Robinson

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Hi Samantha

I hope you're feeling better. I really do feel for you and your mum it's an awful thing to cope with. My son also has brittle nails, to the point where they looked like they were going to come off. The last few weeks though they are improving and growing back 'normal'. There is no sign of his hair growing back though. He has had little bits but they've fallen out again. It's about 18 mths now since he 1st showed signs of hair loss. How long have you been like this?


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