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New procedure for people in Virgina (USA) to treat advanced atrial fibrillation

Virginia Hospital Center is the first in Northern Virginia to offer a new minimally-invasive approach to treat advanced atrial fibrillation. It is called the Convergent Maze Procedure.

Watch a video explaining the procedure here wusa9.com/news/article/2528...

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That sounds great! I wonder how soon other major heart centers will be offering this procedure. Always good to have more options and really good to know that there is so much research being done to solve this complex problem that affects so many of us!


I have always said treatment if AF is very new science and so long as these new procedures keep on coming I am confident we will eventually get it right.



After doing a little research I found they have been doing them at the large medical centers here in Pittsburgh, Pa. since 2010. For the right patient it really seems to be a terrific option!


Is there anywhere in the UK doing this procedure?


I'm sure someone on here had the two step procedure done in the UK but each step was done weeks apart. I remember seeing photos of his bruising from the first step.

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