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Your experiences after cardioversion?


OK, so my boyfriend is hopefully having his cardioversion on 7th March :-) I say 'hopefully' as it all depends on his INR staying at the right levels, but so far so good.

What have been your experiences post-cardioversion? Did it provide a permanent fix or did you slide back into AF after days/weeks/months? If it 'fixed' you, do you still have to be careful with your diet/alchohol etc to ensure nothing makes it come back?

Any info or advice much appreciated! Thanks :-)

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Do hope all goes well with boyfriend's situation. Unfortunately had the cardioversion proceedure 3 times and to no effect. So cardiologist made the decision to proceed with an ablation - complete success albeit still on medication to control AF

Hope all goes well. I had a cardioversion two years ago and have had 2 AF episodes since. One last May and one last week. I'm on Flecainide and aspirin for my heart. T.

2 cardioversions before an ablation worked for about 48 hours each before I would go back into afib. The ablation got me out of afib 5 months ago, but I later went into atrial tachacardia that did not stop and cardioversion number 3 was for that. It worked.

I think it varies greatly.


A cardioversion is not intended to "Fix" AFib. It is only a method of getting you back into NSR. It just shocks the heart and hopefully it starts to beat right again. If it works, you could go back into AF in 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days of maybe never. The only thing that will "Fix" AFib is a procedure called and Ablation or a Mini Maze and even those are not for sure. AF can be controlled by rhythm medications which can keep the heart from going into AF, They do not cure it just hopefully hold it off.

Is he seeing a Cardiologist or an EP? They should have told him that a cardioversion is not a fix for AF


I have had 5 cardioversions since July 2010, each time I have gone back into normal rhythm the time in between the AF episodes varies 1st till 2nd was 12 months 2nd till 3rd was 6 weeks 3rd till 4th 14 months and 4th till 5th was 12 months. I am always on medication Flecainide, Ramipril, Bisoprilol and Warfrin. I have not had alcohol since being diagnosed with AF so that is not a trigger for me. As you can see from the blogs everyone is different, but many people seem to be triggered by different foods, spicy meals like curries seems to be a favourite. Anyway lets hope your boyfriends procedure is sucessful in curing the AF permanently and good luck.

Thanks guys - did reply earlier but doesn't seem to have worked! Yes we know it's not Meant to necessarily be a 'fix' but that's why I was interested in other people's stories. I guess the people who are lucky enough to actually get 'fixed' don't stay around boards like these anyway! They're off enjoying being AF free :-)

My earlier failed reply was asking if any of you had persistent AF - that's what my b/f has. Not sure if that raises or lowers the odds of Cardioversion providing longish term relief? He's pretty much asymptomatic at the moment.

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I have had persistent AF for 19 years & paroxysmal for the past year . I have had 10 cardioversions & about to have my 3rd catheter ablation. I can say that until the past 5 years or so aDCCV kept me largely AF free for 1/2 years but I still had to be on meds.


Here is a good article about your question. This site has a lot of information that will help understand what is going on with him and possible treatments.

My first cardioversion in june lasted 9 days in nsr and then 16 days ago i had my 1st ablation which only lasted 4 days nsr and then they cardioverted me yesterday and so far im on day 1 of nsr. Hopefully where my scars are formed previously from my ablation the nurse hopes the cardioversion over the top of the ablation might help stay AF free for a while.. Hope so any how, i feel so great at the mo!! On my first cardioversion i had alcohol and it sent me back into AF, im def going to try and swerve drink if i can this time around!

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