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I have just had an ECG in UK and diagnosed with Afib. I am getting episodes every day and they last for quite long periods. I have been referred to Cardiologist but have to wait 3-4 weeks. In the meantime no treatment but have started taking aspirin although when I asked my doctor about doing this he said not much point?? What do people think. I am currently in France so should I go home and go to emergency and ask for immediate treatment or am I safe enough for a few weeks?

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  • I also live in the UK. When I was diagnosed with PAF about 9 years ago and waiting to see a consultant, I went to A & E when I had my next AF session and was assessed while I was in AF, I was kept in overnight (during which time I went back into NSR) and was seen the following morning by a team of doctors who prescribed Betablockers and Warfarin. Hope this helps

  • If you are having long episodes every day that last for long periods 3-4 weeks seems a long time to wait to see a cardiologist. Can you call a different cardiologist who might be able to fit you in sooner? I live in the US and that is what I would do, but not sure of your options in the UK. If you are uncomfortable with these episodes I would go to the Emergency Room and maybe they can start treatment now.

  • If you are felling ok and your heart-rate is not very high (check it) I would normally say there there is little point in rushing back. Treatment with aspirin or warfarin depends on a lot of other factors and your cardiologist is probably best placed to advise on what to take.

    However having episodes every day that then go away sounds rather unusual and may indicate another condition. How do you know you are having these episodes?

  • Thanks all for replies. Elmbury, thats what i want to hear(!) re not rushing back. I can feel my heart going into an unusual rhythm - faster but not very fast and rather erratic. Also slight tightness in chest. E.G. started this morning at 3am and lasted for just over an hour. Went back to normal about 4.15am

  • That is a weird pattern with AFib though. Most people who are not in permanent AFib will not suffer such changes on a daily basis. It may be worth looking at your diet/drinking to see if any triggers can be identified.

  • I am not really familiar with the various patterns apart from what i have read. Could I be in permanent afib and not be aware of it. None of this has been investigated yet - apart from the 24hr ECG. My GP said this showed afib. Thanks again.

  • You really need a cardiologist to fully diagnose you - a GP knows the signs of AFib, but other conditions could be similar, which is why they refer you.

  • Yes, I agree. Have appointment in January so crossed fingers until then! Thanks for all your very helpful info.

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