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Slow Afib

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Anyone have any experience of this not sure if it exists even. Reason I'm asking is I'm noticing my pulse rate is fluctuating between 40 BPM and 75 BPM. When I check my Kardiamobile device it says possible afib even though the pulse rate is showing at around 40 BPM. How do I know if its bradycardia or slow afib I guess I'm asking?

4 Replies
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You need a proper ECG to check if there is a p wave. If yes not AF if no probably AF.

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I had continuous AFib for 3 months. I never had a fast heart rate. AFib is more of a rhythm disturbance. Your pulse rate when manually checked feels irregular. There’s no rhythm to it. X

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Yes I usually have slow AF. It's the irregularity that defines it and as Bob says, no P wave( a little blip just before the pulse)Pulse can range between 40-80.

In AF I can sometimes not realise,just feel a bit off and weedy, but after a while ,when I check it on my Kardia I am !

I also have Aflutter ( being greedy lol!) But that rides off into the sunset at a steady but fast pace. Unmistakable.

I am on Flecanide 100 and 150 once a day for the rythym and 1.25 Bisoprolol for maintaining of rate. If I go into flutter I can take 5 mg as a quick response. I

Hope that helps.

Ps sometimes Kardia tells me it's bradycardia if in AF I think because it's a definite diagnosis whereas AF could be another arrthymia.

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Although my pulse isn’t as low as yours (though it did get lower when on bisoprolol and the likes). My testing rate even when in AF is continually under 60 usually 56 to 58 during the normal day it doesn’t go much above 100. Maybe you should e mail your Kardia readout to your cardiac nurse or EP to get their input.

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