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Back in A &E

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Well, this is deja vu. My first ablation worked lovely until I had the Covid jab in march. That lead to a second ablation in April which was fine until I had the flu jab yesterday. Went into tachycardia in the night and then into "fast Afib" and struggled to breathe so ambulance took me to hospital yet again. Trying IV flecainide.... fingers crossed.

As you can imagine I'm beyond upset. I've just finally returned to work and started to get my life back together after the long ablation recovery. I even rode my 'proper' bike last week....

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When I had my last flu jab about ten years ago I felt a slight amount of breathlessness so went back to the surgery. It wore off after an hour or two and they told me not to have the flu jab again.

It wasn't experimental, just a standard flu jab I get every year without problems

I had exactly the same response as reported last week. Now in permanent AF not PAF

B*mmer. I think I'll give the third Covid jab a miss....

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Janith in reply to Jajarunner

I had all three … zero issues however, my inner voice tells me to forgo any additional injections … i.e., flu and pneumonia

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Cookie24 in reply to Janith

Same here. Never had a seasonal flu shot but maybe this year (?)

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Janith in reply to Cookie24

I’m thinking overload … l had three covid shots … why push my luck?

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Janith in reply to Janith

I have had one in my lifetime …

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Desanthony in reply to Janith

How often do you have a pneumonia jab?

Sorry you are going through this. My reaction arrhythmia wise to my flu jab on Monday was much less traumatic than yours albeit it did cause afib. Vaccines always do where i am concerned guess its the body reacting to substances injected and engendering a response. Hope IV flecainide works for you it has done for me in the past. Best wishes.

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Jajarunner in reply to meadfoot

Thank you. I reckon if I'd caught proper flu or Covid it would have set the heart off anyway...

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Ppiman in reply to Jajarunner

A great reply. Bad luck on all this, though. Stuff happens, eh?


Yes absolutely.

Yes it most probably would.

So sorry ❤️‍🩹💐 Big hug

Oh I’m so sorry, I’m thinking of you, and fingers crossed 🤞 the Flecainide will work it’s magic.Best wishes,


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Jajarunner in reply to Ochg

Heart rate now 173 and they are planning emergency cardioversion. Xxx

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Falco1 in reply to Jajarunner

Hope all goes well and they get HR to sinas rythum asap

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Jajarunner in reply to Falco1

Cardioversion coz of faintness and chest pain, but very low BP.

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Falco1 in reply to Jajarunner

Hope you get it sorted. Wondered why you were having emergency cardioversion as I was given meds instead but see why you need it for sure. Hope all ok mate!

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Jajarunner in reply to Falco1

Sadly the drugs never work for me. And yesterday started to get scary. My local hospital is very very reluctant to do CVs and even they suddenly went "emergency one needed"! Exhausted today ☺️

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GrannyE in reply to Jajarunner

Not surprised you are exhausted and probably not a little scared. Anything wrong with the heart seems to make the body anxious which is unhelpful. We all feel for you. I had just been starting to get into some sort of rhythm when I had my first covid jab and have been in A/F ever since but in a way that I can live with. I cannot help feeling that covid would have finished me off so A/F is a relatively small price to pay. Due to have my flue jab shortly - if they have the vaccine - and am not looking forward to the after effects. My husband has just had his 3rd covid jab with no ill effects at all although he had none for his first two either so we were not expecting any.

Good luck

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Ochg in reply to Jajarunner

Thinking of you and I do hope 🙏they can get you back into sinus rhythm real soon, you must be exhausted. Sending you a big virtual hug 🫂 xx

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Jajarunner in reply to Ochg

Thanks xxx

All done. Nsr resumed for now...

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Ochg in reply to Jajarunner

Great news, now you have a good rest.Shirley

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GrannyE in reply to Jajarunner


Many years ago an emergency cardioversion was once going to be given to me in A&E, they said it would be done without any anaesthetic. Well you've never seen anyone's heart go back into normal rhythm so quick, thank goodness!


You made me laugh, some feat at the moment 😂

Pleased to hear that. 😁

Hello Jean, I know you are very knowledgeable on the subject of Afib and always find your comments informative. I sometimes read that people are booked ahead for cardioversions. my question is 'If such people are in NSR on the day - how do they do it, or are these people who are in permanent AF. I had a cardioversion, I do not have symptoms with my PAF and I went to my Cardio( for a routine check) whose rooms are at a private hospital (he is private) and he he told me I am in AF, would I like a cardioversion,I said since I'm here why not ! he said I'll do it this afternoon , so I was booked into the Cardio ward, he came in the after noon I was given a mild sedative, attached to some wires - That's all I remember until I was eating a chicken sandwich and drinking tea, I was back in Normal rhythm in what seems to be minutes - when I asked, only one 'shock was needed'. I live in South Africa, so maybe things are different, but I am still puzzled as to how a cardioversion can be booked ahead for someone who is not arrythmiatic at he time , can you explain please.

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kkatz in reply to pusillanimous

I have been in Persistent Afib since Feb 1st and 24 hr monitor showed 95% of the time. Not fast though.

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Ppiman in reply to pusillanimous

This happened to me, but the procedure was cancelled as my heart had gone back into normal rhythm before the CV was needed. Presumably, the bisoprolol had done its trick. They won't carry out a CV procedure on a normally beating heart.


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pusillanimous in reply to Ppiman

Thanks Steve, it was the mention of pre-booking that puzzled me as I know I was offered the procedure during a routine check up and my heart was fibrillating (unknown to me). I was given the choice , simple procedure he could do in that day or just carry on with my meds. I think that just being in a doctor's rooms is a trigger for Afib for me !

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Ppiman in reply to pusillanimous

Me, too. My blood pressure went from 116/75 to 145/90 when I last saw a cardiologist, I was surprised he wasn’t worried but he said it was normal.


The cardioversion is booked because you are stuck in AF, obviously if you went back into normal sinus rhythm before the procedure it wouldn't need doing. I'd always have to wait weeks in AF (which drained me and was quite disabling) before I could get one. My AF nurse said more and more people are needing them now, including young people, so there's quite a queue waiting for them.

I guess if your heart rate was dangerous they might do it immediately. I was in hospital for almost a week before the consultants did my very first one. It was a Saturday morning and one of them had come in especially to assist. I was horrified when one of them said to the other shall we do it here in the ward. I knew they were going to give me a general anaesthetic, they kept saying have we got this and that, but did move me to a side room. An anaesthetist was there too. What I didn't realise is that a cardioversion is a very simple procedure, they just put connections on your chest, fire the shock and that's it. Mine has always gone back into normal rhythm after one shock, but I believe they can try up to three times.

You would never be booked for a cardioversion unless you were in constant AF. I once went back into normal rhythm right before a cardioversion and of course it wasn't needed then. You are always connected to a heart and BP monitor.

Are you becoming confused between ablations and cardioversions, because ablations can be booked when you're in normal sinus rhythm?


No Jean, no confusion, my son had an ablation - he is one of the extreme athletes who are according to my Cardio are half of his patients - no it's just that I have read on this site of people who are on a waiting list for cardioversions, that is what puzzled me - maybe they meant to say ablations! Thank you for clarifying it for me.

There certainly is waiting lists for cardioversions. I guess if you went to A&E and someone was on duty who'd done them - then you may get one right away.

Hope you get sorted mate

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Jajarunner in reply to Simoni

Thanks. Emergency cardioversion yesterday. Not sure how long it will last for?!

Hope your ok ? Were you on any medication before you had the flu jab ?

And NSR ?

I’m due to have my flu jab and Covid booster vaccine soon, a bit worried.

I’m in persistent AF and take bisoprolol and digoxin, Apixaban.

Take care

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Jajarunner in reply to Mabal

I was on flecainide.Thanks for the good wishes x

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kkatz in reply to Mabal

In Persistent AF since first AZ jab at End of Jan. 2nd was fine.worried about booster as may be different vax.Had flu jab couple of days ago no probs.

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Sambaqui in reply to kkatz

Hi kkatz, I said I'd get back to you when I'd had my cardioversion after an 8 month wait.

Well, I had it yesterday and went into sinus rhythm on the first go. Such a relief. So, I'd think your chances of reverting would be good. I hope the appointment comes soon.

I had a flu jab last week in order to get it in before the cardioversion to avoid the risk of a return to AF. I shall think carefully about having a booster for covid.

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kkatz in reply to Sambaqui

Thanks glad it worked for you.been told probably 8 to 10 weeks.we go away 5 weeks time for a month so timing ok.wouldnt want it before we go.

Good luck to you and get well soon!

Thank you. Cardioversion worked first time but not sure for how long this time...

I had one last Friday. Only lasted 2 days but weirdly went back into NSR Wednesday...gone again now... but you never know. It could make another comeback! Good luck to you. Hope it lasts a good while for you. 🤞

Hoping you will keep in sr now. All the best 🤞

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Jajarunner in reply to bassets

Bless you, so kind. Just need to get home before I murder someone!! 😂😂

Read it again. Not a combination of anything, just the flu jab!

I'm so sorry to read all this as I know you were doing well again. Perhaps this is something to discuss with your medical advisors once all is stable again. You stepped down before, hopefully you'll do so again.

Thank you

That must be such a disappointment. Hoping the cardioversion has sorted things for you.

Hang in there jaja you’ll get sorted. 👍

So, so sorry…

What have the doctors said? Was the af caused by an increase in HR caused by the vaccination? My HR increased by 50% after 1st Covid jab (from 62 ish to 95 ish, sitting), lasted 15 hours or so. Good luck, I’m just starting to ride my ‘proper bike’ again 6 weeks after ablation albeit at half speed. Hoping to delay eBike for a few years yet, but trialling a nice looking Orbea Gain on Tuesday.

I've got the Gain. It's awesome. Ask me any questions via pm if you like

And what's your medical degree status? You must have one to come up with such a theory. No?

The vaccination against Covid 19 is NOT experimental! It's now been administered to millions of people around the world. Stop spreading this rubbish. You endanger others when you do. No one cares if you are too daft to have it. But don't scare others off.

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Tomred in reply to FancyPants54

Millions may have had C ovid jab but surely you see after barely a year that this is still in experimental stage and the millions that have taken are part of the experiment it's a no brainer if however we were 10 years down the line it would be a different story

It is experimental till the phase 3 clinical trials are finished. They are not. If you look on clinical trials .gov you can look up the details as this is a site where all serious clinical trials are registered. There you will find the start date of trials, the protocols ,endpoints investigated , number of participants and when the trial is going to end. None of the trials for the vaccines currently available have ended. Just because it has been given to millions of people does not make it not experimental in terms of the clinical trials. The vaccine roll out is simply a gigantic extension of the phase 3 trial.

best not abuse other posters, just offer new data and observations that may allow a different hypothesis, which you have not done. Here is some data from a BMJ webinar Sept 14th 21 that has a lot of trials completion dates in it. Then posters can make up their own minds, and not be intimidated

Hoping you can get it all straightened out. 🙏

I read the same as yourself these jabs stay in one's system and may manifest side effects later

I had my flu jab yesterday and my AF was not happy last night...... didn't last too long and wasn't bad but it was the first episode I've had since May.

Hope it settles soon x

My latest ardioversion 4 weeks ago lasted 2 weeks 🙄. Hopefully, yours lasts a lot longer. There was talk of folk having the flu jab and booster jab together........ not on your nelly!

So sorry to hear that, ducky. Hope you get sorted

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Ducky2003 in reply to Jajarunner

That's why I'll he having separate jabs as the first AZ triggered the AF. Hope yours has settled now.

I get sick of reading about these "experimental" jabs, which fortunately only come from the fringes. This is COVID-19. Scientists and doctors have been working on COVID vaccines for many, many years. I've had my two vaccines and my booster with zero problems. Anyone that thinks vaccinations do anything but save lives is depressingly mistaken. For some reason this vaccine was wrongly politicized. As a a result, the death rate in the state I live and other Southern states is avoidably terrifyingly high. Sad on so many levels.

Just to clarify it was the bog standard FLU jab that caused by problems NOT Covid this time x

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