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Low resting heart

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Following a cardioversion for persistent AF and a current prescription of Apixiban and Amiodorone my partner's resting heart rate is 38. Before the AF started her resting heart rate was around 50. Anyone else with a similar experience?

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That's quite low and if she's having symptoms she should see her GP or Cardiologist.

I'm not sure how anyone manages with a rate that low, I had to have a pacemaker when mine was dipping into the 50s !

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andyk0001 in reply to bantam12

No symptoms but thank you.

Water-polo player Mirko Sandić, from Serbia (198 cm, 100 kg), had normal resting HR of 36, but had such a large heart, that doctors were interested in analyzing it after his death. For average people, the lowest level mentioned was 44. As long as the pump delivers sufficient blood per cycle, this low HR poses no problem. The smaller the heart volume (and efficiency), the higher the necessary HR. No wonder that Bantam 12 was advised to have a pacemaker at HR of 50. Some people need it at this HR. My resting HR was 48 almost all my life. If it skyrockets to 55, there is an immediate rise in BP. We are all different...

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andyk0001 in reply to SteelHeart

Thank you

The important take away is if this is a big difference and I would say fro 50-38 IS significant but then I’m not a medic, I would be speaking with my GP/Cardiologist.

Is your partner symptomatic?

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andyk0001 in reply to CDreamer

Thank you

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andyk0001 in reply to CDreamer

No symptoms but thank you

The danger if I may suggest is her sleeping resting rate which can go substantially lower that a daytime resting rate. Mine was down from my pre Afib of 72 bpm to 44 bpm on medication, it dropped even lower into the 30s during sleep, which caused no end of Afib episodes.

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andyk0001 in reply to john6

I did not know a low heart rate could cause AFib.Thank you.

I would most certainly seek qualified medical advice with a heart rate this low.

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andyk0001 in reply to Jalia

Thank you.

Mine drops to 34 often also I track it while asleep and it crazily dips low and i wake lethargic after a few days of low rates my cardiologist suggested reducing the dose of metoprolol it was up again in no time so medically over medicated no symptoms

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andyk0001 in reply to fairgo45

Thank you.Could be the Amiodorone then in my partner's case.

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lovely2230 in reply to andyk0001

That medication can cause neuropathy . Be careful . I got neuropathy from sotalol . Dr had no idea . Really !

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andyk0001 in reply to lovely2230

Will be careful.Thank you.

Yes, I have been on Amiodarone, and Heart Rate as well as Blood Pressure went down very fast. I had to stop it. See advice from a medical professional

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andyk0001 in reply to queseyo

Thank you. Will get my partner to check her blood pressure.

My daytime heart rate is about 45bpm and drops to 36-38 bpm at night, I was a fairly fit 49 year old before AFib came along 6 months ago. My consultant has told me as long as I feel well that it shouldn’t be a problem but I’m on the waiting list for an ablation due to being intolerant to bisoprolol etc as my heart rate is so low anyway. I’m on the lowest dose to try and stop the AFib episodes

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andyk0001 in reply to Foxey2

That is very helpful.Thank you.

My dad has had so many ecg s for other health concerns where doctors come rushing in because his resting heart rate is so low. Once it was 27 - we don’t know how he’s still alive- he’s 88 now and has had Afib for over 30 years.

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andyk0001 in reply to Pincer65

Encouraging news.Thank you.

My resting hr is mid 40s it can go into 60s with some exercise,Im feeling fine losing weight for me was the big plus,if I were 40 years younger I'd go for the marathon gold medal..😀

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andyk0001 in reply to Ronnieboy

Good for you. It would be great to be 40 years younger( 72 now)!

I had the same experience following a cardio version. I had a pacemaker implant that ensures my heart rate doesn’t go below 60bpm.

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andyk0001 in reply to Summer60

Interesting.I have not heard that a minimum heart rate of 60 is advisable.My resting heart rate is 50( no arrhythmia) and a fit cyclist friend has a resting HR of 42.

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Summer60 in reply to andyk0001

I think that you will find a normal resting heart rate is between 60 and 100 bpm, if you are a fit person it could well be lower.

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andyk0001 in reply to Summer60

Thank you.

I’m on Apixaban, Flecainide and lowest possible dose of Bisoprolol and my resting heart rate is 46, dropping to 40 at night. My cardiologist told me that there is no problem as long as I have no symptoms like fainting or breathlessness, which I don’t. Without the bisoprolol my heart rate goes up but I get AF so I stick with it.

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andyk0001 in reply to Elonia

Thank you

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Karendeena in reply to Elonia

Hi Elonia, my EP says the same, no concern with a low heart rate as long as you have no symptoms. Last time he checked mine it was 55bpm and he said that was good

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gtkelly in reply to Elonia

On same meds as Elonia (after 2 cardioversions) now for about 18 months. Elonia have you felt tiredness becoming a problem since being on your meds?

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Elonia in reply to gtkelly

Hi gtkelly- no I haven’t really found tiredness a particular problem.

My EP told me to half the dose of amiadarone when my HR was so low I felt ill all the time. Discuss it with your EP or GP before you do so though, obviously 😂

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andyk0001 in reply to Jajarunner

Thank you. My partner has just started on a half dose although she feels fine. She will contact her cardiologist just to be sure.

Yes, I’m on Amiodarone as well and contacted my EP because I was concerned my resting heart rate is now low to mid 40s from mid 50s. He said it is to be expected and is not concerned. Still, I think it would be wise to contact the EP or cardiologist to inform them if nothing else.

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andyk0001 in reply to Visigoth

Thank you, good advice.

I had a similar experiance, but not so dramatic when I was out on the same med (amioderone) it took my rate down from 50 to 42 and I went back to the doctor and came off it. My rate is now 48 when I am not in AF. Just recovering from my second Ablation Last Thursday. My rate is still 48/47.

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andyk0001 in reply to Jock68

Thank you.No ablation planned as partner is in sinus rhythm.

Quick question: What are her O2 readings? As an EMT I was taught a Rate of 95 is sufficiently normal for O2. I too had a cardio conversion and an ablation and until recently I was on the same drugs as your friend. The other question is does here pulse vary?

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andyk0001 in reply to Idahohorse

02 readings from oximeter are 98% during day but occasionally drop very briefly at night to around 90% .Her pulse does vary according to her exercise level.

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