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Rivaroxaban a nd flu jab


My annual flu jab comes tomorrow but my wife beat me by a day for hers.

Before injection, she was asked if she took any blood thinners and replied no.

Got me wondering, as I take a daily dose (10mg) of Rivaroxaban. Might that mean I am excused the jab when I turn up?

Would be mightily upset if that is the case. Been taking the medicine for almost 10 years with no side effects.

Thanks for any input.

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No reason not to have it. I'm on warfarin and had mine for years.

netie54 in reply to BobD

Bob did you have any side affects particularly in respect of heart rythem?

BobDVolunteer in reply to netie54

No why would you?

netie54 in reply to BobD

Because I’m a over cautious wife and we have heard so many stories about the flu jab but now I’ve read all the posts in this site I think he’ll will be ok. Thanks

I take Apixaban and have had no problems with NHS jabs but Boots and a local pharmacy chain both refused me a couple of years ago.

Desanthony in reply to Finvola

Funny, I had mine at Boots the first year we moved here and they didn't ask.

Had my flu jab last Saturday & wasn't even asked that question. We had a drive through at the airport this year

Never been asked that and again been on Apixaban for 4 years and had flu jab every year too. Usually at my own Docs so they would know what I am on. Once I had it at a Pharmacy and they never asked and this year it was a strange arrangement in the village hall with about 6 assorted nurses and Doctors - most of whom I did not recognise on a walk through system but not asked about blood thinners. It was going to be a drive through in the surgery car park but the first weekend they did this it rained heavily so they changed it! LOL

Thanks for that. Will update after my jab date.

I’m on Rivaroxiban and have my flu jab each year. Maybe they ask in case there there is more bleeding from usual at the puncture site.

Buffafly in reply to Kaz747

Or bruise.

Rhea11 in reply to Buffafly

Exactly, you two ☝ ... exactly thàt.

Had the flu vaccination for years, been on Riveroxoban the last three, and no one has queried this. No problems.

I have just had my jab. They didn't ask me about medications, only whether I was well i.e no coughs colds etc. and whether I was allergic to eggs. It will be interesting to see what happens to you.

I take Apixiban and have done so for about 4 years now. I always tell the medic at the time of the jab and they have never queried it. I always go to my GP.

I had my flu jab and it's such a tiny needle I didn't even bleed. I asked about anticoags and the nurse looked at me as if I were mad. So I wouldn't worry ...

I was asked the question and proceeded - on warfarin. Had it twice on Apixaban without issue. I think it is more about potential to bruise easily and it is not a reason not to give.

I’m on Apixaban and had my flu jab on Sunday. Mentioned it to the nurse and she said no problem. No issues with it since.

I’m on Rivaroxaban too, and had my flu jab two weeks ago, with no problems.

I had mine on Wednesday and was only asked if I was allergic to eggs, I barely felt the jab and don't have the site tenderness that I had last year.

Had mine two weeks ago, on rivaroxaban didn’t have any problems not even a mark.

I think it's only to let them know that you might need a plaster over the injection site. It's intra-muscular so could bleed a touch, but mine didn't.


Don't tell them Pyke!

Had mine yesterday at Boots and am on Edoxaban.

I had mine a few weeks’s ago. I take Rivaroxaban 20mg daily, no one asked and I had no side effects from the jab. I did mention it because of the possibility it might bleed at the site but it didn’t.

Now on Edoxaban for 3 years (after 10 on Warfarin). Last year I

was asked for the first time about a blood thinner when I wanted to get it at the Pharmacy. Told I had to get it at the Surgery - something about going into a muscle and there might be a bleed.

We have had our flu jab and I am on apixaban. The nurse who gave the flu jabs asked both me and my husband if we were on anti-coagulants, but he explained it was to make sure the wound site didn't bleed. No worries. We have been on rivaroxaban and apixaban for years and no problems with our flu jabs.

I am on Apixaban and have never been asked the question when I have my flu jab.

I've been on Rivaroxaban for eighteen months - 20mg. Had a flu jab last year at Boots and nobody asked. Had flu jab this year at GP surgery and again nobody asked. Injection site was sore for a couple of days, but that's all.

I had my flu jab at Drs last week, first one since I started taking Edoxaban 4 months ago. No problems with bleeding. I had my 1st blood test since taking Edoxaban last month and thought I’d have lots of bleeding, bit I didn’t. I was scared of taking anti-coagulants, but it’s not been as bad as I thought it would be.

Flu jab yesterday, asked if I was on Warfarin or did I have any allergies. Said I was on Apixoban, and she nodded and injected me, so far sore arm but okay.

I am on Rivaroxaban. There was a big notice in my GP surgery asking some questions, one was about blood thinners. I told the nurse that I was on them, she said the surgery was asking this year. Sore arm but ok.

I'm on Apixaban for a-fib. I researched as to whether I should have the flu vaccine or not for the first time at the age of 66. It is recommended for people with a-fib it turns out. I had the nurse come & do mine 10 days ago. She did ask about my meds. All was fine. No side effects.

Hello Holly, I’ve been on Rivaroxaban for five years and had my flu jab about a month ago. I wasn’t asked the question though. I didn’t have any side effects from the jab other than a sore arm for a few days.

Thanks for all responses. Great to have such feedback and very reassuring.

Injection day went swimmingly. Just asked if I was taking any medication and when I stated "only Rivaroxaban" I was told it had been given the green lighr.

So here I am, 30 minutes later and not a care in the world. Well, only thing troubling me now is my golf swing. Wish I could take a pill for that!

I take Rivaroxiban and had my flu jab at the surgery so they would know I was taking it. All I was asked was about covid symptoms. I had no problems at all.

I had my flu jab at boots last week. I'm on Riveroxiban and the pharmacist who have me the man told me that there are two ways for them to give the flu jab. For anyone on Riveroxiban it should be into the muscle on the upper arm. For people not on blood thinners then it was injected as normal.

bantam12 in reply to Louisep1958

The muscle in the upper arm is where it's given for everyone regardless of what anticoags they are on or not on, I wonder where he thinks it goes otherwise 🤔 very odd thing to say !

I work in a surgery also take Apixaban had my flu jab no questions !

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