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Building Resilience and Courage

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I was recently interviewed for a business/career article in a series called 'Real Women'. For those of you in this community who have been around for a while and have followed my dramas and challenges, you'll know that I try and approach each hurdle with a positive mindset and a sense of humour (hey, I'm from the north of England - they build 'em tough up there).

I was in two minds about sharing this here but I'm hoping there is some good life advice, especially for the woman which is the target audience. In the photo, you'll find the more relevant health part of the story.

And I'll have to dig deep into my resilience and courage - this time next week I'm back in surgery and then the long recovery will begin once more. Fingers crossed my heart behaves.

If you want to check out the rest, you'll find it at this link -

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Good for you Kaz. Hope it helps people.

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Kaz747 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob x

Well done you Kaz, thanks for sharing. Best wishes for your op next week. Stay safe and well 😃😃💐💐🙏🙏

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Kaz747 in reply to C66t

Thank you xx

Really enjoyed that Kaz - thank you for sharing.

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Kaz747 in reply to irene75359

Thanks Irene x

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