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Cardioversion whilst in NSR. Advice please?!


I am on my way to Harefield now for a Cardioversion this afternoon. I have been in AF for 13 weeks.

I have just checked my Kardia and it says NSR!!! (What are the chances!)

Will they still do the Cardioversion if I am now showing NSR? Knowing my luck they won’t and I’ll be back in AF tonight!

Advice needed please.

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I would ring them but I expect they will cancel......good luck

Oh no!! Finally you get an appointment and this happens.

I’m so sorry - I don’t know much about cardioversions. Make sure you explain to them how you’ve been for the last few months.

I hope they can still help you. 😊

It would probably be worth going as you could go back into AF anytime before arriving at the hospital. You would be kicking yourself if you cancelled and then went back into AF. Good luck anyway.

FlapJack in reply to bfastgirl

That makes sense!


No point if you really are in NSR but best pitch up anyway and they can check.

I was once lying on the bed ready for a cardioversion and it went back into normal rhythm. They won't do it if you really are in sinus rhythm, but let them check that's really the case.

Actually it's twice it's gone back into normal rhythm as once they were going to perform one in A&E without an anaesthetic!! Well within minutes of being told that my heart rate reverted to normal.

Oh the power of the mind!


It happened to me once too. I was on a trolley (and I mean trolly not bed) for 9 hours in AF and it was just about time to have the cardioversion and all returned to NSR. Mind you about 20 times it did not and they had to give me a cardioversion.

Maybe if you do pitch up like Bob suggests they can give you an MOT.


What happened?


Hi all!

I remained in NSR so was sent home and rescheduled it for next Tuesday.

Still in NSR. So bizarre how it flipped just before I got there.

They doubt It will stay long. 13 weeks ago I was in NSR for 5 days following my first cardioversion and before that Id had PAF since Sept.

Strange old day and thanks for all of your advice this morning!

I’ll update next week.

Thanks for letting us know, best wishes......

Sorry to read this just now (the next day) would be very interested to know what happened yesterday. Take care and all the best.

LONDS7 in reply to jerseygirl49

Rescheduled :-( I haven’t been normal for so long it’s typical!!!!!

jerseygirl49 in reply to LONDS7

It's all so strange and you will never know why (just edited this as I've just seen the comment from LindaDaisy) and that is a hint. Similar happened to my hubby back in 2016 - but it was the day before the planned cardioversion not the actual day.

Anyone reading these posts and wondering what is happening at NHS hospital's - my husband 'phoned his arrythemer nurse at the Royal Bournemouth yesterday and they are doing ops and procedures now so its worth checking what's happening where you are a patient.

Anyway, LONDS7 - wishing you all the best for next week.

GrannyE in reply to LONDS7

It is just Sod practicing his Law on you or like waiting for ages for a bus and then 3 coming at once. I suppose the happy thought is that it is back in sinus naturally and maybe when you are in A/F you just have to think about having an ablation and hey presto you will revert.

Seriously though good luck.

Same thing happened to me last year. Arrived at the hospital back in NSR and was sent straight back home. Back in AF in the evening. Sometimes you can’t believe it!! Had an ablation day before yesterday so here’s hoping that will have sorted it. Good luck

I had a cardioversion 12 days ago. I arrived at Papworth running at 90bpm when I’m normally 60. They said I was in NSR so no cardioversion. I said I wasn’t normal. Repeated what my EP had told me a few weeks before. “ I was In atrial flutter but the Amiodarone was masking it”. Even though they said I could eat as they weren’t going ahead, I refused and told them what the EP said. In the end they got the pacing team down to interrogate my ICD. Surprise , surprise he agree with what I said. They went ahead and I’m now running nicely at 60. Sometimes you are the expert on your own body. Fingers crossed it stays like that for a while.

LONDS7 in reply to LindaDaisy

Really!!! I am on Amiodarone!! I have been for 4 weeks. I knew it must have something to do with it as it has been persistent for so long.

Thank you so much for this update. I am rescheduled for Tuesday so will explain this.

Hi Linda daisy

Tell me about the amiodarone?

What dosage and how long have you been taking it? I have been on it for 1 month. Have You had Any problems?how often are you tested for issues?

I was put on it in December by my local hospital. Now on 200mg but will be reducing down towards stopping in about a month. No issues except bad dreams, sometime nightmares. I’ve not been tested for anything but I seem to have escaped any real obvious issues.

LONDS7 in reply to LindaDaisy

LindaDaisy, My nightmares have been shocking. Really violent and My wife says I am extremely distressed. I seriously need to discuss Amiodarone with my EP as I cannot cope with this long term.

There are several ways your doctor can verify your afib. Wear a holter monitor for 24 hours or you can wear it for 48 hours or longer. It records every single heart beat during the time. Simple 4 little attachments

Just can’t shower or use a pool. You take it off 24 hours later and return to your docs office. My ep doctor did not believe me and he put an implantable loop recorder

Tiny like a thumb drive. Simple out patient procedure. It can stay in your chest forever

Within an hour I had an event. He called me and said you were right.

LONDS7 in reply to kmps

Thank you for this. I will call them tomorrow. Had a few holters before but not in this scenario.

Take care.

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