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Heart failure symptoms.

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Hi, Does anyone have congestion with a clear flemy cough & a nausea feeling.

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Yes - me!

I have heart failure and my HR was consistently below 50 for a couple of weeks so I've cut my nebivolol down to three quarters of a tablet instead of a full one. That was a week ago.

Since then my blood pressure and HR have been all over the place as it takes about three weeks to come to terms with the reduced amount.

I am also bringing up lots of frothy clear phlegm - especially when I'm in the bath??? I'm also feeling tired and often nauseous too.

I'm having a blood test this afternoon to see if my thyroid is acting up again as this was the probable cause last time it happened.

Thank you for replying, I will get my thyroid checked, hope you will be getting sorted as this is such a miserable feeling.best wishes jan

My brother had these exact symptoms when he was in undetected heart failure from two leaking valves. Please see your cardiologist.

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Thank you for that information. Best wishes to your brother.

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