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Heart Failure


In my last post I asked if anyone could help regarding my breathlessness. In the form of self experience. Someone suggested I may have a form of mild heart failure which I have had checked out, and yes my blood test showed I have. I am now waiting to see my GP to start some form of treatment.

Does anyone on here have heart failure along with AF and if so what treatment are you receiving? I am feeling down and breathless as I read a bit about it and watched some videos on utube which were not too encouraging.

Thank you for your support.

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My husband has moderate/severe HR and is taking amiodarone and doing very well and he is feeling better. It’s a temporary fix - amiodarone is a very toxic drug - as he undergoes more investigations and close monitoring by a team of Cardiologists. He has had an angiogram and has no vascular problems, an unsuccessful cardioversion and is now being closely monitored to see if Aortic Stenosis resolves or if further procedures may be required. He is 85.

What sort of monitoring/investigations have been suggested and have you any other underlying heart disease other than AF? I would think it very unlikely that a GP would be able to suggest treatment without direction from a Cardiologist.

Looking back on your previous posts - please make a very BIG fuss. You have not been well served by our health service. Did you complain to PALS? This is not something to leave unmonitored or untreated. And see if you can get someone with some knowledge and experience to advocate for you?

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I was told over the phone by my GP that my blood test shows I have HF but my appointment with him is in two weeks time. Although I told him I have to sit down at least three times while making my bed because I am so breathless. I am on furosemide for water retention. I will have to see what he says when I see him and whether he suggests any tests - probably not. I am not satisfied with their treatment but I do not know where to go to complain.

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Have you an option to change your GP practice? If you have a complaint the first point of call would be the Practice Manager of the surgery for your GP but you could also look a Health Watch for your area, they can be helpful. It often depends where you live and the options open to you unfortunately.

Best wishes CD

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Thank you I will take what you say on board and see what happens after my appointment with my GP.

Hi there - I have HF and permanent AF. My HF is controlled so I do not really have any problems with it. I take Nebivolol, Diltiazem for AF and Ramipril for HF plus anticoagulant. I changed from Bisoprolol about 10 months ago to Nebivolol because of breathlessness and have found it much better generally, stopped some of the tiredness as well. Do you get any fluid retention, a common thing with HF, that can cause breathlessness if you do this should be sorted quickly. As CD says it is time to make a big fuss - you really need to see a good cardiologist or EP, get more tests done to see exactly what is going on, your GP should get you referred urgently. Best wishes.


I hope my GP will send me for tests. I have to wait for two weeks before I can see him. I am on a water pill. Thank you for letting me know what medication you are on.

Hi, just seen your post. Two weeks is ridiculous!!! If you are that breathless I think you are justified in going to A&E or at least call 111 who will be able to hear it. Hope you get help sooner 💜

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Thank you dear. I am okay when I am sitting so I am doing a lot of that at present.😔

It's so hard to be diagnosed with something like h.f. then nothing happens! I was taken into hospital and diagnosed but after 2 days home caring for my h.f. husband. I was comparing my situation to heart attack and expected so much to happen but things have moved slowly. Now though I understand more. I didn't know that they would have to slow my heart down first with meds before they could start working out what the problem was. I had tachycardia. So I've taking time to read up as much as I can especially on this website. I understand that I might need mechanical intervention but for the last 8 months the meds are doing their job. So get as much understanding as you can about your condition so you know what to ask and when you need to push for help. I have AF and other heart probs put am coping. Take care x

Thank you very much for your post. I was actually told I have AF over the telephone after going to the doctor with breathlessness after my blood test. So couldn’t even ask about the condition. I have since looked at some videos on YouTube but got a little scared because the prognosis is not good. However, maybe my blood test has shown a mild form so will have to wait to find out.

I do sympathise with you because I too have AF and Angina now this. It sounds awful but I am comforted by the fact I am not alone with all this. Thank you again.

Sorry I meant to say I was told I have HF over the phone.

Hello Junoesque,

It may be the AF which is making you feel breathless. The blood test which has indicated you may have HF is probably BNP and can be raised due to a number of factors (I am not an expert on this, however)

You may be referred for an echo to give a baseline of your heart function and this should help to get you on the correct treatment.

Try to keep active but pace yourself, especially if you’re troubled with symptoms. And if you’re feeling a little fed up t should improve your mood. Some walking, perhaps, if you can manage this.

It may be worth trying to get a phone consultation so the GP or a nurse practitioner can explain a few things and give reassurance. Or maybe a Pharmacist, they’re also very knowledgeable. Only read online from a known UK source like BHF or AFA and not Google.

In the meantime, try not to worry. You’re not alone 💚

Thank you. You are very kind and I will do that. I will see what the doctor says and until then I will try to do a bit of walking etc.

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