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A watch that can detect AF and sleep apnoea


Take a look:


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Interesting - looks like this will be the norm! The only query I would make is the claim it will catch sleep apnea for which it uses an SpO2 monitor which I know from personal experience is not always a sign of SA, especially for us AFers.

The personal beef I have with all these gadgets wearing them at night is that they use a light sensor which lights up the whole room every time you move or turn over - it drives me nuts and wakes me up every time! I have to have blackout velvet blackness to sleep and even Hubbie’s watch wakes me up so unless he keeps it tucked under his pillow the whole time he also gets woken!

Jean - how on Earth did you discover the article on the MalayTimes?

DigitalTrends has a similar article by the way. Xx

Google sends me daily updates on anything to do with AF. Don't ask me how that was set up, because I haven't a clue!


Hylda in reply to CDreamer

You can put an Apple Watch into theatre mode at night if needs be

Thanks Jean. V interesting. I think you now deserve the honorary title of our 'AF Techno Weeny'


Techno loony, may be more apt!Lol.

Is it available in states only?

It tells you in the write up. Think it said both the US and Europe later in the year.

True about the light at night. My tracker has a function which flashes when it thinks I am in the gym (a place I would never go incidentally). This mostly happens at night, so am I working out in my dreams? Who knows.

But a friend of mine has an Apple watch which records an ECG which she can print out, and her EP says it works... don't know about the sleep apnoea bit though.


Interesting indeed though no doubt it'll be way out of my reach financially!!!

stay well,

Blue x

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