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Hi have seen private cardiologist today for results of my two week heart monitor results confirmed AF and referred back to GP to be referred on to cardiothoracic hospital,my question is I have been put back on Bisoprlol again which really did not agree with me,but due to the high heart rate consultant said until I see someone there I have to take it,the dose is low 2.5 once a day so do I take morning or night ? Sorry got the long post just a bit concerned about feeling worse again !!!

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I was on 1.25 Bisoprolol and only way I could tolerate it was taking it at night but was still a struggle.

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Maisiemay13 in reply to bantam12

Thank you I was thinking of taking it at night,last time it was like someone had switched my body off could do nothing it felt like I was dragging sacks of potato’s around instead of my body !

Me to. Like driving a car w/o the handbrake on...horrible stuff. Came off it asap and now take Flecainade

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I agree - I was the same

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I think most people benefit from taking their drugs in the evening with dinner. Main reason being better absorbtion with food and any bad side effects are usually slept off. You may need bed socks though.

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Maisiemay13 in reply to BobD

Ok thank you I will take it with my evening meal HR is going mad at the moment

So difficult when that happens, so many people suffer with Bisoprolol. I would agree take with evening meal and hope that is better tolerated. If you really find it difficult though go back to your GP and keep going back. What is your HR?

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Maisiemay13 in reply to CDreamer

It was 114 and I was sitting just now,have to say I didn’t ask the cardiologist this afternoon he said it was very high during episodes and asked if I had passed out! Never have yet and hope I do not !

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CDreamer in reply to Maisiemay13

Mine used to go up to 180+ but some here have 200+ so it’s not uncommon during AF. I could function up to 135 but as soon as it went over that - I was done for!

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Maisiemay13 in reply to CDreamer

I think I need to try and listen to my body more I was feeling fast HR Friday 130 but continued to take my dogs out as I do not want to let this rule my life but cardiologist said although my Fitbit is ok it’s not accurate it was likely higher than that so I will take note and do as I am told and rest!

Did you have an abolition (not sure if that’s correct spelling) that’s something the cardiologist was talking about being a possibility.

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CDreamer in reply to Maisiemay13

Listen to your body is good advice - it is often much wiser than your mind.

Yes I have had 2 ablations - but they are not a forever solution and not everyone is a suitable candidate - but worth exploring with your EP. You will find lots of info on the AFA website- along with other treatment options.

I was originally prescribed 5 mg to be taken in morning.

I had an adverse reaction to this amount at this time of day so my GP told me to take it at night. That was about 9 and half years ago ... still take 5 mg STILL take it at night, no problems ever since I started this time of day.

Hi , I’m on bisoprolol myself - 10mg and has been taking in morning ( along with a lot of other drugs ) but recently switched to taking at night . Lot of research indicates BP is best taken at night . I guess until they assertain where thi gs are they’ll put you on the regular meds

To at least try keep thi gs stable . When you ge ta change to be cardioverted hopefully things will improve and if you get the chance for an Ablation I would recommend it , once successful can usually start reducing medications

When Bisoprolol made me ill, I went to GP who told me she was unable to change it but emailed the Cardiologist to change the drug. I am also able to contact the Cardiologist direct through her secretary, can your GP not contact your specialist now as you don't have to feel rotten on this drug, if not then call them direct. Good luck.

I think I would be tempted to contact the Cardiologist you saw privately and say that you know from previous experience, you will have problems taking Bisoprolol and can he contact your GP to arrange an alternative. I do not take a betablocker but from the posts we receive, Nebivolol seems to get good reviews......

I was on Bisoprolol but it stopped me sleeping & made me very sluggish. I got them to change me to 5mg of Nebivolol daily & I tolerate it far better.

I was recently put on bisoprolol 2.5 mg and my blood pressure and heart rate was very low and I was struggling to breathe or function. I have a pacemaker so they kept me on 2.5 mg but told me to take half in the morning and half at night and I find that better. Hope you manage to get it sorted and start to feel better soon x

Thank you everyone for your replies I am going to see how the 2.5 goes as the cardiologist yesterday made it quite clear that I need to give it sometime,just hope the lower dose does not make me as bad as last time

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