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Morning all again, jillybean here again, does anyone else find that after they have had AF for a while, that every little thing that happens in your body you think it is starting again? I know it is silly but I do for a couple of days. It's like I have to check myself. Xx

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Yep. AF makes us very body aware and we can easliy become obsessed by what it is doing. Hard to control sometimes which is why being busy is important.

Oh, yes....

Yes hypersensitivity and anxiety appear to go and in hand

Yes, I just can't believe my luck when I go back into sinus rhythm and for a few days afterwards feel it must be the easiest time to flip back into AF.

Yes I think everything that I do that has a bit of exertion I might go back. I had to change my bed just. I stopped three times. Buts it's done. I can't understand how it reverts back. Is it a healing thing or what. I don't know.

Yes, if only we knew why our AF suddenly reverts back to normal sinus rhythm. Lets hope someone finds that out fairly soon!

That would be good.

Morning, there is a lady just messaged who has ectopic beats. She doesn't understand AF. Can I mention your name as you always seem to calm me down and inspire. Xxx

Certainly. x

I find the worst time is after I have been electrically cardioverted bsck to sinus. For a few days i feel certain that I will flip back into AF again and feel rather vulnerable. This has never happened after all the very many DCCV s I've had but the feeling remains !


Yes, more so in the first year or so. Now, 3 yr later, I dont think about a fib every day but every time I have more frequent ectopics, I’m on high alert.

Bob D is spot on with his advice.

You're bound to be anxious. The nature of the beast is to grab you without warning or pattern.

I find that I manage much better since I keep a record of frequency and refuse to let it stop me doing things.

Easier said than done, I know!

Yeah, I've said a few times that AF makes me "hyper aware" of little things that happen which ordinarily I'd ignore had I not had so many bouts of PAF.

I tend to treat them lie little indicators that something is off, they've usually coincided with busy days at work and me maybe not drinking enough or getting enough sleep, so I treat them as a kick in the pants to sort that out!

Thanks for above posts keeps me informed and what to expect as newly diagnosed....what a great discussion forum

What is a fib i suffer ectopic and scared of this

Marytew in reply to Contra21

Hi Contra21,

You will find the very best advice regarding what Afib is in the booklets and factsheets that the AF Association has produced. The information is clear and helpful and has been endorsed by the UK Dept of Health. Try the link below:

Contra21 in reply to Marytew

I have but dont understand what seperates it from ectopics im scared of getting ut. It is a fast hr if so how long

Marytew in reply to Contra21

I’m sorry that I misunderstood your original question 😊. Because I went straight into AF I never experienced the situation that you are. It may be necessary to discuss this with whichever of your doctor’s you feel most confident about and see if they can give you a reasonable answer (if you haven’t already done so). I hope you get an explanation that helps.

Hi there there is a lady on here her name is Jeanjeannie50 she always sorts my questions out. She said she doesn't mind if you message her.x

How do i find her?

I don’t understand how to use this site

Got it now :)

Yes...I connect feelings of my digestive system working with the onset of an AF episode because I know there is a connection between the two. It wasn't until my heart rate was slowed down by increasing my Adizem dose to 240mg that things improved.

Now it seems although I feel normal my paroximal AF has slipped into permanent asymptomatic AF. I am waiting for the results of a 24 hour holter ECG reading but I think that the next step will be my cardiologist suggesting that I stop taking my flecanide (100 gm am and pm). I'm a bit anxious about this . Any comments?

I think the digestive system definitely has something to do with it. AF seems to attack your whole body. I always feel sick first then I need to go to the toilet. And then I think here we go. Won't they have to reduce the flecanide rather than take you off it completely. I would be anxious as well., after my first ablation I was on amiodarone and after the six week check up they said you can stop all your meds now. Just keep taking your blood thinner because of my age. I asked if I could just take half a tablet it was like a rope to hang onto in case. But I did eventually come off it. Isn't life hard sometimes. X

Yes yes yes!

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