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My cardioversion is scheduled for Tuesday. I was told it's pretty successful but many people revert back to a-fib shortly after? is that the case for most of you?

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Ive never had to be cardioverted as medications have worked so far. I wish they would quit filling you with unhelpful info that puts doubt in your mind. If I were your doc, I would tell you everyone is different and many people stay in sinus rhythm long term. My beliefs are we should hope for the best as whatever we believe usually comes to fruition.

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I wish doctors, and anyone else for that matter, would treat people like adults and give them plain factual information instead of patronising and infantilising them.


Most of my 19 Cardio versions have lasted a fair amount of time ...some 4+ years. My last one was 12 months ago ....dont want to tempt fate though.

Keep positive and hope for the best !

Good luck !


We are all different. Over a period if 25 years I probably had about 20 cardioversions. They all lasted a fair while and were all worth it. The feeling afterwards is amazing as it is so wonderful to be back in NSR.


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Isn’t that the truth, my first successful one I was in love with the Dr. he was my knight in shining armour after 3 months of misery and 2 unsuccessful ones. Being on the wrong drugs on the first 2 attempts!

thank you...I just want my heart back. I hate that this has happened to all of us

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I'm so sorry. I meant to write about conversion and got off on an ablation tangent. I need a nap and some coffee. Forgive me. irina 😢

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Your fine. I'm the one that needs to make it short and to the point.

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Short and to the point? What's that?

I’ve had two cardioversions. Neither worked and gave me an hellacious headache that lasted five days.


Everybody IS different and will have a different journey. Maybe because there isn't a lot known about all the probable causes of afib.My first one kept me in normal sinus rhythm (NSR)for 3 years without meds. Then boom! back in a fib, converted, and only stayed in NSR long enough to get back to my room.

Then the real afib journey began, meds, conversions, med side effects, roller coaster days.

Nine years later am in permanent afib, well-controlled (pacemaker/ablation) and don't worry about it much anymore. No meds, very little anxiety over the Afib diagnosis.

In hindsight I would have asked for less med 'trial and error' time and a sooner Pace and Ablate and gotten on with my life. I'm 75 so this journey began in my 60's. If I could trade this disease in for something else I wouldn't. I'm living comfortably with it and I have a long list of other medical problems I hope will never come my way. xx irina

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thank you so much...I hope I can get you the point I can make peace with this.

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I believe you will. I believe the turning point comes when we finally (our doctors and with our help) hit on the treatment plan that works best for us. Since afib can be so different for each of us unfortunately the correct care plan doesn't come in a one-size-fits-all package. But you'll discover it and then be able to-most of the time-put afib on your back burner. xx Take care. irina

No one can say how long a Cardioversion will last so there's probably not a lot to be gained by worrying about it (but we all did and/or do)!

It's better to see it as part of your treatment plan because if it converts you back into sinus rhythm, even for a short while, it means you are more likely to respond well to other procedures such as an ablation should it be necessary later. However, in answer to your question, it you are young and the CV is carried out very soon after AF has occurred then it's far more likely to work for several years or longer. I managed almost as year! Good luck for Tuesday, please let us know how you get on......


I had my first CV on January 17th this year. Been in NSR ever since and I had major surgery (for something else) last month. Stayed in NSR during op.

Good Luck 👍

My cardiovetsion worked and the reason it did not last months is I was not on the right meds for me. Once on flecainide I've always returned to sinus rhythm within 12 hours.

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Me too, 12 hours is the longest in a fib;

I am the same as Bagrat , cardioversion is but one step getting the medication right is the next step. Since being cardioverted four years July and since starting Flecainide I havent gone out of sinus rhythm.

I had 2 carsioversions neither of which worked but I had no after effects at all and pleased they at least tried this route. The same with meds. Finally had a successful ablation but would not have wanted that without them trying the other possible ways first. The cardioversion is over very quickly then you go home and get on with your life just a little disappointed. Good luck.

My first cardioversion resulted in NSR being restored for only 3 days. After being placed on Dofetilide a second CV has lasted 2 yrs now with no arrhythmias or side effects from Dofetilide.

I reverted back to af within 24 hours and my consultant said there was no point having any more. Conversions. So never took that route again. Since then I have had 2 ablations with relative success.

This does seem to be the mindset of some cardiologists in my experience. After my third ( or was it the fourth ? ) cardioversion failed after many months in NSR my cardiologist ( at the time ) decided without informing me or my GP that any more CV's were of no point because of the failures. I thought I was still on the list for a cardioversion but got so fed up with the failure to communicate that I sought a specialist cardiologist opinion.

He was disparaging of the medication I had been prescribed and arranged a CV the next week , that was nearly four years ago and no AFIB since then.

I had a successful cardioversion just three weeks ago and had an ecg 2 days ago which showed I am still in nsr. I have just come off bisoprolol as well and only have another week on Rivaroxaban then I will be drug free. I have felt wonderful since though I do feel a little anxious at the thought of my af returning which seems inevitable eventually from all I've read.

My first 2 were unsuccessful due to being on the wrong medications for me. My 3rd one lasted 20 months. I have had 17 in 5 years. My shortest length of time lasted 6 days, that was also a medication change going on during that time. I just had one last Wed. , previous to that one was 1 month. Some for me, 7 months, 3-4 months etc. if you take antiarrhymics be certain not to miss a dose, that contributed to some of mine I am certain. Mine I believe is not on the norm for most people though. I am extremely compliant to avoid all known contributors to afib, I have excessive scarring inside the heart they believe due to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever so each case is very different.

I’ve only had one CV and unfortunately NSR only lasted a couple of days. I haven’t been offered another one since. I wish you the best of luck and hope your CV is successful.

Have had 23 and no longer keeps me out of afib then 3 ablations now in constant afib...

I remained in NSR for 6 years after my 1st CV.

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Wow that is amazing

Best wishes

Thank you everyone.....just settled in for another night in the hospital and they came in to tell me my heart reverted. Just awaiting the EKG results. Praying hard and trying to stay calm!

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I was hoping that would happen! Happy dance💜


first one lasted 6 months (helped with amiodorone) the following ones varied between a couple of weeks and a couple of months. Twice I went in to NSR when they were wheeling the DCV trolly to my bedside.

They did show that I was suitable for an ablation though, and 2 years on from that I am NSR


4/16/19: Are you still in sinus rhythm? Hope so💜

I am thank you for thinking of me! I just arrived at my post hospital doctor visit with my primary. If only I could shake this fear of it happening again. I dont know how to be comfortable in my own skin anymore. I'm scared to walk fast..bend over...cough ugh :(

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