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Permanent AF monitoring.


Now I've been discharged from heart failure nurses I want to do all I can to monitor my health. I'm on the usual medication to control my symptoms and my BP is low (90/60) my heart varies greatly according to my oxymetre from 30 to 80. Because my HA is permanent, would it help to have one of those mini heart rate recorders? I have two BP machines, one wrist one upper arm but they just done record numbers but tell me to see Dr. As BP too low. I have the occasional twinge from the heart but no longer feel the flutter and am not breathless. Any thoughts please?

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I use my samsung app to record a history, but thats manual checking once or twice a day.

Before I lost the charger for it, I used an activity monitoring watch which took it at 5-10 mins intervals and was very handy for looking at trends when it was unstable.

I'm looking at replacing this with a smart watch or something similar.

Thank you. I'm just going to sift through info before I decide what's best for me.

An oximeter doesn't work very well with AF.

Love100cats in reply to Buffafly

I'm realizing that however the h.f. nurses use one which is confusing! So I need something that I can use to check my heart rate when I don't feel it's right. The search continues.

Buffafly in reply to Love100cats

Kardia is one of the best if you have a smartphone but of course very expensive if you have to buy both.

Love100cats in reply to Buffafly

Thanks. I don't want anything too technical. I will try my BP machine again to make sure it works. I think this is all to do with being discharged. I never expected that to happen but they were happy to keep seeing me if I felt I needed it. I'm trying to fly solo!!!!!!

S11m in reply to Buffafly

When I had AF I got a pulse-oximeter and recorded that my SPO2 was getting down to 75 at night - and that enabled me to prove that I was ill and get referred to a cardio.

Love100cats in reply to S11m

My readings are 90 or under oxygen and sometimes 30 heart rate. I had it checked at H on Wednesday and it was BP 90/60. So it's low. That's my concern really.

Do you really need to monitor anything?

I got a bit obsessed with my Kardia and it only told me what I already knew, or gave me something else to worry about (needlessly )

Thanks. I think that's why I'm hesitating. I haven't been told to monitor just to 999 if I get an angina attack which I've not had yet. I don't want to get overly anxious about what might be and maybe just focussing on how I feel is the best indicator.

BobDVolunteer in reply to Love100cats

I agree with Mike (or the other way round. not sure). Monitoring unless you aer attempting to get a diagnosis merely focusses one on the condition rather than getting on with and enjoying life. I joke that I never started to feeel better till the batery died on my gismo.

Love100cats in reply to BobD

Thanks for that. I need some down to earth comments. I see your point. I knew that posting a message would help.

I have an Apple Watch 4, and it can now record ECGs in the UK, as well as logging pulse rate 23/7.

If you need to buy an Apple Watch and an iPhone, it is not a cheap option - but it works.

Love100cats in reply to S11m

Thank you. I will look into that.

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