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supplements and The Haywire Heart

Just finished the book. Is anyone using alphalipoic acid, L Carnitine, Hawthorne or Garlic? If so, what amounts and what have you noticed?


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I take R-Alpha Lipoic Acid 2 x 125mg 3 times a day not for the heart but neuropathy from a broken foot 30 odd years ago , its brilliant for blood flow to those damaged areas far better than Benfotiamine which I rate as good also. ( subjective only )

L Carnitine Tartrate 2 x 735mg twice a day I take for energy / heart - if you suffer insomnia dont take after 2pm.

Hawthorn standardized at 15mg ( 80mg tablet ) I tried but discontinued due to its blood thinning ability . Not one I would try again due to this , probably on its own its of value but mixed with CoQ10 there is just to much anticoagulation with Rivaroxaban .

I didnt notice any bleeding episodes with CoQ10 + Rivaroxaban but adding Hawthorn turned minor scratches into seeps. I quit after only a week of 1 tab. a day.


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