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Constant pulse in right ear


Hi i have a constant pulse noise and feeling in one ear only I had persistent afib for many years

Had many cardio versions and one ablation now I get random attacks of afib

But my ear is worse than the afib was

Was wondering if there is a connection

Cheers for any help

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Could by pulsatilla tinnitus. I have the usual whistling in one ear, but in the other I can hear my pulse. Especially at night. Nice to hear it pumping away quietly after s few hours in Afib.

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Thanks for replying it’s driving me mad 😃


Pulsatile tinnitus. very common especially since we AF ers are so tuned in to your hearts.

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Yeah maybe I have to block it out somehow , thanks for responding

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You will get used to it. I only notice it like now when my attention is drawn to it.

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I have this as well, I find it hard deal with as my heart is usually in ectopic heart rhythm . And only seems to be in nsr when I go to bed at night.

It would be nice not to have to listen to it. But at least I am not having af

It can be annoying but some might say it's better than not having a pulse! Not a lot of help I know, but there are a number of free apps available which help to block out the noise, especially at night when it is generally more noticeable. Hopefully your device is equipped with a timer function!

It might also be a simple case of ear drops to clear the ear channels - it worked for me. Any little/partial narrowing of ear channels, will overly emphasise inner noise trying to get out.

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Cheers , docs just have some steroid spray for it , see if it helps

I have it as well , was suggested to have a surgery to alimemt an enlarged vain behind the ear with silicon or something like this to reduce the burden ,I am not ready for that .

MRI showed enlarged vein . It’s really annoying, how ever I got use to it and hope I won’t get to a point that it will be unbearable.

I started to have this symptom like 2 years ago after my second ablation

Pulsatile tinnitus....I have it and it is annoying.

This just started happening to me a couple months ago! It’s keeps me awake at night, but I do seem to be getting used to it. So frustrating. I have an appointment with an ENT next week. From what I’ve found, I agree it’s pulsatile tinnitus. I already have constant ringing in my ears and now this.

I've had a pulse in my ears for years, in fact nearly as long as having afib.

To me it's great knowing exactly when I go into or come out of AF because you can hear it flutter or go at horrendous speed. My Dr calls it my personal ECG. So for me it is a very positive tool.

All the best, Alan

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