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Bumpy Road!!!


What a few days.....

Started with slow AF the day after my ablation which progressed into fast AF Saturday night. Went to A&e in Leeds and was cardioverted last night. ( I was nil by mouth for 24hours...that was more traumatic than the bloody A F!!!)

I'm still having weird beats. It's really strange how calm I am about it. I have a fabulous team and I know that this ISN'T necessarily a bad thing and is normal, so if anyone has any mini runs it's nothing terrible or a failure ... just your heart is really p****d off and inflamed. So the plan is I'm gonna do my best to cope with whatever is thrown at me until my ticker has calmed and I could just as easily not have another AFib episode again. They reckon 6 weeks revaluate the situation and then a touch up ablation, I also can be cardioverted anytime if it's too much. The AF ablation was a success Im told its just inflamed and annoyed so hopefully all will settle soon. Just wanted to thank you all for your good wishes and to share my latest news and reassure to us newbies that all the experts have said it doesn't mean failure at all.

The ASD wasn't an issue thankfully, it took a while to get past it but caused no problems.

Oh and I chatted with Dr Pepper today who was lovely x o xv

Feet up time now I'm shattered... my other half is making me a huge cheese omelette and then a cream bun as I've decided I deserve it!

Sara xxxxx

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I feel for you sara . Its a bit distressing to have it not going to plan at the moment. Hopefully it will settle down soon for you. This situation must be commom if the medics say so. This as happened to you so soon after the ablation too but I guess its all part of the recovery process though it does not seem like it at the moment. At least you know you are in safe hands and I have heard people having to go through at least 2 attempts before they can sort it out for them but I just think the healing process just needs time. Best Wishes


Strong girl Sara. Well done.

Oh sorry to hear of your difficulties.Hope the omelette and bun were some compensation.

Glad you have a good team looking after you,take care and rest now



I was the same as you l spent 3 weeks with my heart racing then dropping suddenly eventually l was taken into hospital spent three days there since then after a few twitches l have been fine with no problems.

Hope it all works out for you take care.


I hate it when AF causes such turmoil in our lives Sara, thank goodness you're back in sinus rhythm. Really hope you stay well now.

Best wishes

Jean x

So important to have a team you trust. Hope things soon settle

Great that you feel calm about the bumps and that you have good support. R&R. Xxx

Good morning. Feel great this morning. Caught my old bloody cat starting to have a pee in my handbag...no idea why?!,!

..so I leapt out of bed to run to put him out and my heart rate was still normal when I came back to bed and it is today with no bumps at all. So making the most of it and think we may have a drive out to the coast, I won't leave the car but I can take a flask and I'm sure I will manage a do-nut or two. Love Sara xox

Oh dear I so feel so for you , we all hope for a calm ride......rest and hoping all goes well


Keep up the good progress :)

Glad to hear you are better. Had my ablation 3 weeks ago and BP completely under control, sometimes heartbeat irregular, sometimes NSR, but Heart Rate is always above 100. See the EP on Friday, hopefully he has some answers. Doesn't feel very good and tired of the chest pains.

Oh Sara I love the way you write, you make me laugh even when giving serious info. I’m up for first ablation next Monday with an attitude “it will work” . The experiences from you and many others is brilliant and offers so much to us waiting for the unknown. Thank you for making me laugh this morning... think I’ll put in a request for doughnut after it’s all over. Take it easy and good luck with your recovery xx

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