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Ablation question?

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Hi all I’m getting close to my ablation mid January so started to think more about it.

So after ablation.....if you’ve had hardly any afib since getting tablet...spdoes this mean afterwards you will be the same in the recovery period?......what I mean is if you’ve been doing well with your afib befire the operation does it concurr you get hardly any episodes after.....or is it a completely different ball game cos the hearts been hurt?

I’ve had such a good run of feeling good . My cardio says I get a lot of minor afib I dint know about though and he is for my ablation ......

Husbands just had a ski accident, torn achillies and is in plaster so won’t vpbe coming to Lyon three hours away with me, I’m feeling rather nervous and over thinking it all now.....

Another question.....we can’t take Brufen etc....can we take codeine? What other pain killer for a back pain can we take apart from paracetamol? I don’t want to go to docs as the waiting room is full of colds , coughing etc.....

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Can you delay your ablation until your husband is a bit better ?

I take codeine for arthritis...it hasn't affected my AF. It's ibuprofen that had to be avoided .

Sorry I can't answer your first question although I've had 3 ablations.


Hiya.... My thoughts would be: nobody can forecast accurately what the recovery looks like for anyone, I have read many posts on here and they range from zero symptoms post ablation to lots of AF worse than pre ablation, it really is a lottery in my opinion. The main things to focus on though is if your EP thinks he can help you then I would be taking that help and expecting a better quality of life in the weeks and months that follow.... Best of luck and I hope thing work out for you and your partner 👍 Sorry I can't comment on your meds question... Not qualified.

Thanks for that

Regarding back pain, can you telephone your doctor or pharmacist for advice about pain control? That would be the usual route in the UK. All anti inflammatory drugs should be avoided as they can cause AF and increase anti coagulation.

Can’t give any thoughts on ablation as I haven’t gone down that route.

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Morzine in reply to Finvola

I’m not in pain right now it’s on and iff just was wondering what alternative s there were to brufen

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Finvola in reply to Morzine

I’ve used paracetamol for mild pain and - from my doctor - co-codamol which is codeine with paracetamol, for a few days when I had dreadful pain.

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Morzine in reply to Finvola

Thanks yes I’ve git co codamol frim a while ago I wondered if it was safe...great I will use that once in a while...I know it’s not a good one to take too long,

I see a chiropractor & do Pilates = no back pain. If you can avoid taking any meds at all it is preferable.

I think everyone gets a little nervous prior to ablation especially when you are not symptomatic but I think it is best to go earlier rather than later.

Best wishes for a good outcome & speedy recovery. CD

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Morzine in reply to CDreamer

Thanks, yes, I think I’ve been up till now thinking oh yes it will be fine...now three weeks to go I’ve started thinking about afterwards....as I’m doing so well....but if it can stop it for a good while that overweight the negatives I’m sure.....bit nervous beung in a french hospital alone fir four days as hubbys in plaster 8 weeks.....I speak French so I’m being silly....my main thing is if things go wrong beung descriptive in French about what’s wrong....

Oh another question I know everyone say you must stay in bed 18 hours after it...is that lying flat? Sitting up?

Thanks everyone fir the answers


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CDreamer in reply to Morzine

It tends to vary slightly but as long as you have no bleeding it’s about6-8 hours but you can’t drive for 7 days & need to be very careful climbing stairs. Otherwise plan to do nothing for the first couple of days and then increase your activity levels very slowly for the next few weeks. You may sleep more than usual or find your HR is higher than you are used to which can make you a bit breathless but if you just listen to your body & get plenty of rest you will recover faster.

Best wishes

PSdownload the post ablation leaflet from the AFA website which was written by patients.

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Morzine in reply to CDreamer

Thanks so much cdreamer

I think there are many "possible outcomes" with ablation, but mostly very positive.

My ablation was only 70% successful but it still helped me a lot and I have fewer AFIB's, actually, only 5 from 2003(15 years) when I was ablated, compared to 4 in a space of a year, pre-ablation.

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Morzine in reply to Janco

Thanks janco

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I would think that the only person who could give you any sort of prediction about what might happen after your ablation is your EP when he has looked at the inside of your atria and decided the extent of ablation necessary.

With your husband in a leg plaster for several months and you needing to get plenty of rest, perhaps deferring the ablation is sensible, given your lack of symptoms at present.

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Morzine in reply to Hidden

I’ve my daughter and son in same village here in the alps so will get help...I hope!!....I did think of deferring it but quite honestly doing everything in french in the phone can be so difficult it seemed easier to go ahead.

That’s a good tip I will ask the cardio guy after the op...don’t think they call them EP here haven’t heard that word.

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Hidden in reply to Morzine

Sorry, electrophysiologist 🙂

Hello Morzine :-) I can't advise on medication but my doctor says I can take codeine and paracetamol for pain from a the torn Cartledge in my knee. Try asking a pharmacist making sure you tell him about any medication you are taking.

With regard to the ablation , I haven't had one so am not the best person to advise you but from all I have read one thing is clear you need to give your body time to recover and that can take some months and you should not push yourself too hard during recovery.

Can you do that at this time when your husband has an injury and may not be able to do much to help you.

I would discuss your situation with your EP :-)

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Morzine in reply to doodle68

Great I have some co codamol!

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doodle68 in reply to Morzine

Hi Morzine :-) if you are taking Codeine bear in mind it should not be taken on more than 3 consecutive days because it is addictive. I tend to take it when I am going out and need to walk like a human, other times I drag my bad leg down the field looking rather less than human...

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Morzine in reply to doodle68

Hi doodle68 yes I am aware thanks. My back hurts mainly from picking Up heavy things, I’m stuck with it hurting then for days.....currently I’m doing heavy stuff all the time as my husband had a skiing accident.....I’ve lost my log chopper and carrier, shopping carrier, car defroster, washer upper....etc.....I now realize how much he does, along with what I do, it’s exhausting! Thankfully afib is well behaved, good ol’ Flecainade!!


Hi Morzine, I had my 2nd ablation 2 weeks ago. I stopped Flecanide immediately. I am doing ok. I do have the occasional run of af, but not as frequent as before. This is normal during the blanking period. I have my 3 month check up appointment arranged. Just take things easy. The bruising is magnificent this time! My hr is a bit higher at mid 80s. Again, this is normal. I live alone and had a work colleague take me and pick me up. I do have s close friend who helps me out, though she cannot drive. You should be fine, whatever you decide. Good luck!

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Morzine in reply to MarinaT

That’s sounds encouraging thanks marina....

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I am like you the EP said even though the AF has been quiet for 6 months it will return at sometime and with a vengeance and that I'm getting little short runs of it. So he said best to get it done sooner rather than later. I get bad headaches and backache and I take cocodamol. Good luck x

Yes I get back ache on and off co codamol, I’m pleased we can take that then!

Yes since mt mega afibstovegin with I feel fineand don’t really notice these little runs of it, some mornings I wake up tired so presume I’ve had a few tiny ones.....the cardio sajd best to get it down while I’m still young....young? Ha ha 65 I thought that was funny!

Oh that’s good I’m sure we sleep a bit thrn....

Had my ablation in October, had been doing well on Multaq but frequency before that and cost of meds made procedure attractive and it has worked...not one episode since then. I had percarditis like pain 36 hours (back and shoulders) later and needed colcichine for that, then felt like a paler version of myself for about 3 weeks...naps and doing less was the answer. I live alone and was able to drive within 48 hours, told not to exercise for a week.

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Morzine in reply to lwm1198

Thanks 1wm1198 that’s encouraging. Plus being able to drive after a few days a bonus as my husband will still be in crutches till mid February. My daughters just been in and said she will do our meals the first week as both me a tom will be “ injured”.....what a pair!

I had an ablation 13 years ago for A-tachycardia and had no symptoms for 10 years. Then I started getting AFib. I go in for a second ablation in late January when I get back from Lyon.

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Morzine in reply to WHJ3rd

You in Lyon???

I’m having my ablation in Lyon!

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WHJ3rd in reply to Morzine

Leaving SFO for Lyon in a few hours

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WHJ3rd in reply to WHJ3rd

I will be a week in Lyon then off to Granoble for work while my wife does sightseeing. Thought about skiing but that might be risky if the AFib kicks in.

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Morzine in reply to WHJ3rd

Snows not that brill it’s a tad icey.....May be not a good idea if you’ve an operation coming up.....I’m staying put not goung on slopes now as it’s busy and my hubby tore his achillies and is in plaster...the first day the ski station opened!!

I agree with others—no one knows exactly how your heart will react/respond to ablation. I can tell you that I was like you, very infrequent AF and was doing really well pre-ablation. I had my cryoablation done in early Nov 2018, and have been off all meds, other than Xarelto, and have been AF free other than that first night in the hospital when my heart was a bit flippy! Will keep fingers crossed that you have a similar experience.

Thanks julietw33....it feels kind of strange feeling so well goung to put myself thru this but I know it’s becessary,,,,and so amazing to have this forum wiith such support for each other,....

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