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anyone had a pacemaker for AF...and had any of the following symptoms...episodes of AF, but not your normal AF feeling...but a feeling of heart beating all over the place..not ectopics...recorded on Kardia as possible AF...had pacemaker checked..everything ok...but they have no record of me having an AF episode on my pacemaker...but Im not imagining these episodes as I only use my to record..when Im feeling unwell and there showing as Poss AF episodes...or am I just going mad!!!!

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I don't think Kardia works with a pacemaker?

Wow! Bionic Woman 😯

I had a pacemaker fitted 3 years ago and was told that the pacemaker would keep my heart rate at 60 but that it would not control the A/F and for that I take drugs, namely Bisoporal 2.5 mg and Disopyramide and since taking the drugs no more A/F. It is my understanding that the Pacemaker will not control A/F as told by my cardio. Get drug assistance and all will be well.

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