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Today's visit with my EP


Greetings, all.

Well, today was my 3-month check up with my EP. My second ablation was a year ago next week. When I last saw him in Sept, he didn't recommend a 3rd ablation.

It was a good visit. Fortunately, I was feeling good, which I always am when I'm there. I'd had an episode this morning, but 100 Flecainide+Arnica cleaned it up nicely.

I notice as much about myself in these visits and how I relate to AF as I learn about next steps. His style is a friendly sort of "sparring," which I see as his attempt to get to the bottom of what's going on. I felt much more comfortable this time, could feel strength I didn't have before.

I was sharing with him that Flec triggers an episode in me if I have too much of it or take it once my heart happens to flip back into NSR (the adventure I shared about the other day). I gave him an eye roll when he said, "Then don't take it!" 😂

Well, duh, that was the lesson learned, of course! I was just filling him in. But OK, here we are, lessons learned, with him acknowledging that much of this is trial-and-error. I appreciated his acknowledgment and support of my taking Flec as it seems to work best for me, rather than what he'd prescribed. He commented on how sensitive I am, so it's fine for me to tweak things to find what works for me. Just the way it all unfolded felt like a bit of a triumph, compared to much longer ago, when I'd basically crumble in doctor visits and let them just tell me what to do.

So I'll carry on with Flec PIP and the choice is mine to have a 3rd ablation if I decide that these every 2 days to every other day episodes are driving me crazy.

He doesn't see a 3rd ablation as any riskier than the 2nd. No risk of "over-burning" or anything like that. All in all, it was a rather reassuring experience, which left me feeing happy and relieved.

Yet again, feeling grateful for all I've learned here that has helped. I told him about this group.

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Thank you for sharing! Each of us can react differently to Af and the meds,and sometimes changes again as we go along....adjusting meds etc seems a trial and error. Hope allmgoes well for you xx

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Thanks, wilsond! Yes, trial and error, for sure. I'm very happy to now have 2 docs who admit that and are supportive and trusting of my particular process of trial and error. That's what I've been looking for.

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