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Human Biome & Chronic Disease

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Essential watching for anyone who wants the science behind eating well to avoid cancers, autoimmune diseases and cancer and looking after your biome. Unfortunately the free version time period to watch is very limited - 24 hours and currently on #9. They are rather long but great information and confirms to stay off gluten, dairy and sugar to stay healthy and well.

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Thanks CDreamer

I missed your post and the free period may have ended on December 5th. I am wary of the financial implications, but certainly interested to follow up. Potential charges don’t seem very transparent at first glance. Have you signed up to a chargeable service?

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The series is still going but the videos are only accessible for 24 from about 8pm EST - which actually works for us.

During the promotional launch $199, about 3 days left, for the full Monty, thereafter $400 or thereabouts. I was thinking about it. We have a dollar account and an address in US to mail to. I don’t think I’d do it in GBS. I am studying this stuff quite seriously but I think there is enough similar information available in the UK & published papers such as

Dr Chatterjee

And this lady is outstanding

And of course Mark Hyman although I struggle with his books - just don’t like his writing style.

Most of the research in this country is at Reading Uni - Miguel Toribio-Mateas & look at the Cytoplan blog for latest roundup

But this series is very comprehensive and I am interested in the transcripts.

Hope you are keeping well, CD x

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Many thanks for this CD. Yes all well here. Looking forward to hearing about the next stage in your P&A journey in due course. x

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I have registered my interest and left mobile number for notification but cant see anything on charges. I think it finished midnight of the 5th because I could only see the trailer but am certainly interested so thank you. X

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Catch the daily videos if you can - only available for 24 hours. It is expensive and in US$ - see above - but I’ve been following this work now for over a year and if you can catch the somewhat lengthy video airings whilst they are live, definitely some good nuggets in the there’s as they are talking directly to the researchers, one of whom is looking at gut and arrhythmias and some interesting stuff coming through. What they are basically saying is what we have been - change your lifestyle, change your eating - cut out or limit gluten, dairy and anything that irritates, add in fermented foods and take very good care of your biome.

One thing I’ve learned recently which hadn’t occurred to me was to dechlorinate my drinking water - very easy - just leave it for some hours to evaporate in a large jar or jug overnight. I bought a 5L jar with a tap and fill it overnight for all my cooking and drinking. It really hadn’t occurred to me that my bugs really don’t like chlorine - but obvious when you think about it.

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CDreamer in reply to dedeottie Last of the series - what to do to heal - you have about 16 hours to watch before they pull it. Good stuff.

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Interesting CD :-) thank you for posting . I already make sourdough bread and hope to experiment with fermented vegetables next spring with young organic produce. I need to buy the jars first.

With regard to the stewed apple mixture in the video, I was told long ago that if you have diarrhoea (and this includes your dog) the pectin in stewed cooking apple is a good thing to eat to help your tummy.

Some, if not all of the videos, seem to be on YouTube. I have only watched parts of the last one. I strongly agree with the underlying themes; the promotional aspects were off putting.

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Thanks for this. Im about to watch. X

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