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hi Everyone I had gravy on my roast dinner yesterday at my sisters at 3pm and I was up all night hot and palpitations. It’s so frustrating is it the salt content ? I had the same issue Saturday night when I had hallomi ? I can have the Sainsbury’s reduced salt gravy and I’m ok but any other brands even bisto reduced salt gravy effects me . It’s so annoying. Does anyone else suffer with this ? Thanks

26 Replies
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No, I don't think it's the salt content, for me its the maltodextrin that's in some well known gravy powders (not to mention the palm oil they contain too). I have to avoid it like the plague or it can set my AF off.


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Jfjfern in reply to jeanjeannie50

If I had an ablation and this was successful would the gravy not affect me anymore ? Is there a gluten free gravy ?

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maybe, it is it worth the risk?

I have had a (so far) successful ablation (19 months) but I'm steering well clear of msg and sulphites

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I buy gluten free gravy in Morrisons. Don't often use it often though as I generally make my own, chopped roasted red onion, dessertspoon of rice flour mixed with a little cold water, the hot water from vegetables and juices from meat. I've had three ablations and still have AF.


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Jfjfern in reply to jeanjeannie50

thanks Jean I will buy some of the morrisons gravy so I can take it with me when I visit relatives and have a roast dinner at there house. Its such a problem it affecting me like that I have hardly slept last night .I hope it works as I cant bear the thought of a roast dinner without gravy yuk!


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Diamonddaisy in reply to Jfjfern

You can get gluten free gravy granules in most supermarkets. I use it. Not bad in the grand scheme of using free from products 👍

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Maybe you ae sensitive to Gluton in the gravy.

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Look for the words 'flavour enhancer'. That could be the culprit. Why are you so sure it is the gravy?

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Jfjfern in reply to Buffafly

I have had the problem before when I had bisto gravy when I have sainsburys reduced saly gravy I don't get the problem . I thought it must be the salt intake.

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Buffafly in reply to Jfjfern

I checked Bisto Gravy and it contains two flavour enhancers, look up

'Chinese restaurant syndrome'. Jus from now on 😀

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As said, “flavour enhancer”. Usually MSG. Messes me right up 😫

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e621 I avoid like the plague (MSG) it makes me hyper and too much has thrown me out of sinus rhythm .

Your side effects are exactly how I would describe MSG sensitivity.

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Look into eating a completely natural diet.

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Hi there, I notice a greasy

Texture with gravy that upsets me. It may be annoying but if you


Remember to

Avoid it, then it’s one to put on your list of things that trigger off upsetting your heart.

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I have always had a problem with gravy even before afib, I’ve never known fact I thought it was just me as nobadyhas ever mentionedthis befire.......I’m quite relieved!... It seems worse with roast dinners. Although I made a steak and kidney pie this week with gravy and that started me off.....exactly the same I get hot and bothered and my pulse goes up, not afib up, but racing enoughto feel it...I go very redin the face too.........I have to go to bed and let it pass......I’m pleased to read all this I had no idea I could solve this.

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Hi everyone. My first post!

Isn't there a relationship between high sodium and low potassium? and low potassium causing AF in some people? quote here from

"In healthy individuals, the kidneys respond to excess sodium by flushing it out in the urine. Unfortunately, this also removes potassium. If potassium levels are low, the body tries to hoard it, which also means hanging onto sodium. Water follows sodium, leading to an increase in the amount of water in the body and the volume of blood in circulation. Blood pressure climbs, and the heart must work harder. Excess sodium blunts the ability of blood vessels to relax and contract with ease, and may also overstimulate the growth of heart tissue. All of these responses are made worse by low potassium intake."

"One way to flush sodium out of the body is by getting more potassium. An interesting report from the Trials of Hypertension Prevention suggests that changing the balance between these two minerals can help the heart and arteries."

Does it contain monosodium glutamate? MSG is a trigger for some peeps i believe.

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sleeksheep in reply to

e621 is MSG - thats whats on the label that Buffafly alluded too

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I have had problems after having gravy with a dinner. I don't know what the content in it is causing the problem but I tend not to have gravy. It gives me acid reflux which starts my heart jumping around

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CHRISAF18 in reply to mistymopps

Me too and just developed ectopics so a roast dinner is just not the same anymore

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On the odd occasion I have a chinese takeaway my heart rate stays at around 100 for a couple of hours after. Convinced its the MSG, as I've never known it to happen with any other foods.

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Was the gravy from a mix? Here in the US, monosodium glutamate is used in so many things including gravy. MSG gives me a bad headache, hot flashes and frequent ectopics.

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Use cornflour mixed with cold water to make a thin paste then add to a hot stock , stirring as you go, using meat juices and vegetable water to make the stock. Cornflour/egg/milk/sugar makes a pretty good pancake mix as well

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No problem with anything I eat or alcohol since ablation. Dehydration brings it on so I always have two cups of water by my bed and sofa.

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Bissto powder and Bisto granules have different ingredients. You may want to check the contents/effect of each.

Make your own and don't put salt in and see how you go!!☺

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