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Art or the heart?


I thought I’d share one of the pictures my EP gave me after my ablation six weeks ago showing the mapping of the burns carried out. This one shows the left atrium (it looks like a sheep on a spit to me - or do I just have an overactive imagination?) and the 4 pulmonary veins. The pink bit (top left) is the left atrial appendage. The right atrium isn’t shown in this view but the black dots are some of the burns they did in that chamber for atrial flutter. I’m glad the doctors know what they are doing.

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I wonder where you are going to hang it Kaz. 😂

Kaz747 in reply to FlapJack

I could always have the series mounted on canvas 😂

wilsond in reply to FlapJack


Oh my

All that precision on a beating heart. Humbling.

It looks like a sheep on a spit to me too Kaz 🤔

Quite fascinating

Crumbs, that's amazing Kaz! Your EP sounds quite unique to have given you so much information.

I think it's a pig, they knocked you out and then had their staff barbecue. Lol.


Interesting that it appears to be a mirror image on its side. I go with sheep too. Sorry Jean!

Obvioously an RF ablation with all those dots. Dead clever these guys eh?

jeanjeannie50 in reply to BobD

Where is the sheep? On the top left is the pigs ear and underneath is it's face and snout.

BobDVolunteer in reply to jeanjeannie50

I am just seeing a spread eagled sheep. No head . I'm sure a psychoanalyst would have a field day with us.

Wow, not like the pretty diagrams on medical sites 😱 but I think he proved he was thorough 😀

Wow!!!!! That's amazing! It does look like a sheep on a spit! How fascinating to see the work they do..I shall ask for a copy of mind if I ever get it done and display in my living room as a talking point!

Hope you are settling down now Kaz.

Fantastic Kaz, no wonder we have to rest after the procedure, it looks amazing

This will give Banksie ideas for his next wall.

My wife thought it looked like Duck Billed Platypus out for a swim

I think it’s a candidate for the Turner Prize.

That is an amazing picture and when you see all those burned areas ——well no wonder it takes a while for the heart to heal

Kaz747 in reply to Mary-miles

That’s for sure. When you see the other pictures as well it’s quite amazing. My EP said he did a lot of burns, more than in most patients. I said to him last week that I keep looking around the house at all the jobs that need doing and how I’d like to do some whilst I’m off work but I really can’t be bothered. Am I just being lazy? He smiled and said, “you have been through an invasive procedure which has caused a lot of trauma to your heart. It’s not laziness, You need to relax and let your body heal.”

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