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Entresto & Tadifail ( calis )


I’m 68 I’ve had a cardioversion done 10 weeks and on maximum Entresto , everything seems good walked 70km this week played golf 4 days . Haven’t been out of breath and generally feel healthy, I’m also type 2 diabetic.

I was taking tadifail ( calis ) but told to stop by pharmist at Hospital which I have , is there any reason why I can’t start start again?


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Entresto is a relatively new drug taken for heart failure. Do you have Atrial fibrillation as well as this is the forum for people who do? I'm sure there is another HUL forum for heart failure if you do not. If you do, you may need to be anticoagulated as well.

Apart from that we are not medically trained so can not comment on drug interactions so I would listen to your pharmacist about Cialis .

DerekSenna1 in reply to BobD

Have AF

The combination can possibly cause hypotension. The chances are slight. I am on Entresto and have taken an occasional Cialis without problem

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