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Change of heart behavior

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Hi all, I had a treadmill stress test at Liverpool Royal on 2nd August, it was the last in a line of tests which were a echo and a 5 day monitor. I have lone Paroxysmal AF so as usual the tests didn't really show much because I was having a good couple of weeks.

Since the stress test my heart has felt completely different, there are many ectopic beats each day and I can feel quite clearly that the heart muscle is behaving differently. I've had a few short burst of AF and my GP has increased my flecainide to 2 x 100mg per day. I'm trying to get to see an EP at Liverpool which is a real struggle. If I'm resting I just get ectopics but any lifting, walking or activity and the AF kicks in.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and how they managed.. Hoping things will calm down soon as it's affecting my ability to work and QOL is virtually gone.... Thanks.

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Hi djb

You're not alone. My first post, about 3 months ago, was concerning my stress test and problems during and after. By the end of the test I was in flutter and felt very ill. Had one of the best cardiologists in our area with me (I've witnessed him saving lives - another story) or I would've been even more frightened. We managed to get the heart rate down between us but I had problems for the rest of the day. I'm convinced it changed things for me as I'd had no episodes for weeks before that. Luckily no other problems were found and things did settle down. Hope your heart feels back to normal again soon 😊

Thanks Hilly, il see what the next couple of weeks bring, I'm quite gutted as like you I was on a roll ( for 10 days 😬) before the stress test. Fingers crossed 😁

Crossing my fingers for you too. Let me know so I can uncross them ... soon I hope 😊

I am confused.

Why were you having this done at the Royal? Also how come it was your GP who increased your flecainide? I thought it needed a Cardiologist.

I attend the Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital at Broadgreen, Liverpool. There are about 7 EPs there. It's where I had my ablation & I recommend it for its excellent care.

Hi Jenny, not sure why the stress test was at the Royal, I had my echo at B Green and my 5 day monitor and stress test at the Royal. I know they work hand in hand as my results from the Royal were sent to my cardiologist at Broadgreen in a matter of hours. You are correct on the Flecainide, it was a cardiologist at Warrington hospital who increased the dosage. I got mixed up, it was my GP who changed the bisoprolol dosage prior to that... I am hopefully going to get an appointment soon at Broadgreen as like you I know they are the best at what they do, I am just struggling to get an appointment. My referal from the cardiologist at Broadgreen to the EP was on 18th July and I've heard nothing yet hence getting my GP involved as advised by the EPs secretary to hurry things up. I don't know what the waiting list is but I just need to know the wheels are turning that's all... Hope you are well and thanks fpr your interest.

Hi,I was initially referred to a Cardiologist at Warrington Hosp however, my PAF progressed at an alarming rate then followed by Ablation performed by Dr.Gupta at Broadgreen Hospital.

I really had to push to be referred to a EP as each time l saw the Cardiologist the heart was in Sinus rythym ..

Same as you Flex and Biso neither which improved the condition...Surprised your GP is controlling your Flex as I was told only a heart specialist can do this..

Keep pushing for your EP appointment it's the only way forward...


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Thanks Carol I will do that 👍

Hi mate. Sorry you are feeling rubbish. Keep your chin up. 👍

Thanks Paul... I'm trying 👍 I hope you are keeping well mate.

Can't help feeling the concept of the stress test is a bit suspect. You have a wobbly heart, so the medics push it as far as they can to see what happens. If you went into a gym and said I want to go on that cross trainer until I am completely knackered and fall off, the staff would be horrified.

A typical gym session involves Stretches, warm up procedures, exercise, warm down, final stretches and relax. Usually followed by a program of gentle exercise, steadily increasing over a few months.

Can't help feeling the Doc's go back into their office grab a coffee and discuss their patients along the lines of "Can't be that bad - managed to get him up to 212 beats per minute before he collapsed in heap".

Interesting world isn't it?


Ian :-) I have thought the same thing myself with regard to the stress tests. We know that for some people and under certain circumstances exercise can trigger AF so logically 'pushing' some people can't be a good thing to do.

I know my first really bad episode of P-AF happened while I struggled to dig up a tree stump and I continued to have episodes after that .It may be coincidence but I don't think so .

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