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Maze Procedure Experiences?


To preface this question, I just first want to say that all of your posts have been extremely helpful ( darn interesting and well-written!) Question: has anyone had a Maze procedure and, if so, what were your experiences? Just got back from my second ablation and untold cardioversions...nothing works. The cardiologist suggests as a next step this procedure. Doesn't sound like much fun.

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Hello Np,

Here is one report. I underwent the Maze procedure about a year ago. Have not noticed any recurring AF, which I used to get almost daily.

Fun it is not. It took me a year to recover, I still jog less than before the procedure. As you probably know, there are several versions. I opted for an open-heart surgery, to my knowledge, the procedure most likely to succeed, but even then, only at 95% of the cases, according to the surgeon. Np, please investigate all your options, consider your current health status. You may consider less invasive, (Maze) approaches. Seek a second, third opinion. As for me? I am glad to be rid of the pest (AF).

Best wishes J (-:

Hello N,

I had OHS in Jan 2016 to replace aortic valve. They also did a mini maze whilst having this done. Long story short, I came home with continuous Afib and was put on amiodarone , which is a very toxic drug and did my thyroid in. Eventually had a cardio version in November 2016 and thank God have been in NSR ever since.

Hope this helps you a bit, but this was me.


Please read my logs :- Lastec1

Hi Nanopiano

I had a mini maze procedure during open heart surgery to repair heart valves in 2014. The repair was successful. The mini maze was not. I had an ablation a year later for flutter which was successful but I still have an irregular heartbeat.

I would say have a really merciless look at your lifestyle - no cheating. Chuck out the cakes and biscuits, get your weight down to the point where your waist is half your height and take regular gentle exercise, forget the booze and strong coffee. Check your chloresterol, blood pressure and sugar levels.

Get yourself a fitbit. Sitting around is very pleasant but it slowly but surely detunes your muscles and the heart is just another muscle. You will probably be a bit shocked by your lack of exercise.

I try and keep fit and find my afib tolerable. I suggest you need to see an EP and get a second opinion. Open heart surgery is something to be considered only after you have exhausted all other options. So, don't take it easy, make changes, get active and chase up your options.

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