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Just been discharged following a spell in hospital for treatment of acute diverticulitis. Whilst there, had great problems getting doses of Apixaban. They did not appear to understand how important it is. I was prescribed just one dose in 24 hours. No matter how much I stressed the importance of the medication, they would not give me any more. I had to wait until I returned home to re start the regime. They had all of my history, and I was in AF during my stay. Anyone else had this problem?

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They may well have been conservative for a good reason - did you ask for an explanation? If in doubt, always ask for them to consult with your specialist - they would normally I would think.

Not sure I would want to take Apixaban if I was being treated for diverticulitis. It is often a benefit:risk situation and lowering the dose is unlikely to have affect for a few days as half life of Apixaban is 12 hours so you will always have had some in your system.

Maybe you should talk to your GP and ask for advice.

I know I am very reliant upon taking a medication every 3-4 hours - I tell them what and when - but never allow them to take it off me as they never give on time and anyway I take as required and am approved by my neurologist to self medicate.

MarinaT in reply to CDreamer

Thanks! I will talk to my GP. You could be right about the risk/benefit, too. Thank you.


I think the risk of bleed was probably foremost in their minds and suspect I would agree with that assessment in similar circumstances. I had a spell in hospital a while back and was prescribed clopidogrel alongside my warfarin which I objected to but understanding that they did suspect that I had an an MI explained that. Not for long as I hadn't thankfully.

MarinaT in reply to BobD

Thanks, Bob. I hadn't thought it through.

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