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A few months ago I posted about the link between pre-eclampsia during pregnancies and the increased risk of heart disease and stroke in later life (risk more than doubles). Quite a few of you commented that you also had pre-eclampsia and no-one had spoken about the link with heart rhythm problems (I think many doctors are unaware of it). This article also mentions the increased risk for our daughters. My girls are 27 and 25 so if they ever get pregnant they should be monitored closely. If you have daughters or granddaughters you may like to share this info.

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My daughter was prescribed 75mg of aspirin a day during part of her pregnancy because of her family history of hypertension. I had borderline pre- eclampsia in both my pregnancies, especially during my twin pregnancy but luckily her blood pressure was normal throughout. What a good thing it is that they've recognised these links 😊

I have four daughters each with two children.None of them had any problems at all with their pregnancies I'm glad to say.

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