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Is Tekosyn a good choice???


Is anyone on Tekosyn to regulate heart rhythm?? My Dr says it is the only one for me?? Not sure why? Have to be hospitalized for at least 3 days as it apparently can cause fatal arrythemias. So I guess it can kill ya if it dosen't cure ya. I have been resistive to this med so am not on any antiarrythmic med. My GP said you can't take much of anything while on this because it interacts with everything. Not feeling warm and fuzzy about going on this??

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This drug is not available in UK or Europe so you replies if any will have to come from USA I'm afraid.


Im in the US but dont have any first hand knowledge about this drug. Just want to say many if not all antiarrhythmic drugs have potentially fatal side effects such as causing other rhythms. It is scary but guess it is a case of fighting fire with fire. I think you need to talk to your heart doc about why this drug and let him/ her know about your fears. I know the drug Im on cannot be used for people who have had a heart attack. There are reasons why heart docs choose certain drugs. I wouldnt pay much attention to what your gp has to say about antiarrhythmics as they are not the specialists. Im my situation, my cardiologist and EP dont agree on my treatment, which gets tricky on who do I listen to. Having anxiety with a fib makes it even harder to accept treatment plans. Make the heart doc answer all your questions💜 Let us know how it works out.

Tikosyn is a wonder drug for me. Unlike amioderone it has had no side effects, converted me from aFib to NSR , solved my CHF problem. I can't believe it's not available in Europe. I also take Eliquis, Entresto and carvedilol. Saved my life with an Ejection Fraction of about 30 percent after large MI.

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Good to hear something positive about this med. Saw my cardiologist today and we discussed why. I can't take the other antiarythmics. I have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease and the other meds. Cannot be used with cad. Going to have another cardioversion and then will probably go on tekosyn if procedure unsuccessful!! She said I may also be looking at another cardiac ablation!! The procedures seem to never end with afib ! But ya gotta hang in there til we get it under control hopefully! Thanks everyone for your input!!

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