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Could Social Media be an AF Trigger of the future?.

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I am amazed by how the younger generation have become addicted to their digital devices. When one considers that the vast majority of applications are so designed to hook the user to "come back for more", this should not come as a surprise. Facebook have been forced to investigate thousands of Apps to check for data abuse. In South Korea and China digital detox schools are established to treat dysfunctional socially inadequate children who cannot function without their mobile. Closer to home a sharp increase in the number of reported hypertension cases during the past ten years. A study of young mothers has reported a sharp increase in depression although on a positive note, teenage pregnancies has dropped. Cyber bullying in schools. I see youngsters taking their dogs for a walk, heads down and tap tap tapping.

So i welcome the move by Royal Society for Public Health to encourage a "Scroll Free September". Too much technology is bad for your health and could be storing up a time bomb for the future. Happy Sunday must get back to my f1 game!

Usual caveats apply.

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It is important not to use any such device for at least an hour before bed time as the blue light they emit affects the brain's sleep timer. Don't see it could affect AF but no doubt the lack of exercise will be very bad for health.

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IanMK in reply to BobD

But if it increases stress and anxiety?……………

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bennie06 in reply to IanMK

Exactly. Experiments have been carried our where volunteers are hooked up to heart monitors and their mobiles placed out of reach. Stress levels are heightened when random texts/emails etc are sent. Isn't stress a key known cause of AF? People can become transfixed with "likes" and who is doing what to whom and whether ripe bananas are better than unripe bananas..... who cares!

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Hilly22 in reply to bennie06

I can well believe that, and it's especially true of certain personality types, like those who are vulnerable or have even small amounts of self-doubt. And if those vulnerable people pluck up the courage to post or comment there are people who don't read the lines correctly and there are people who only see what doesn't exist between the lines. I reckon the adrenaline produced can be enough to cause severe tachycardia.

Think I'll try doing scroll-free September to give my heart a rest - maybe August too!