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Very Loud Music


A bit random I know but went to a concert last night and the music was so loud I could feel the vibrations against my chest.

Spent the first hour hour worrying it would cause an Af episode. Was this me being paranoid or could it have been a trigger.

Has any one experienced this. Would like to know for future experience.

Thank you in advance.


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No I experienced this when first diagnosed- my heart has settled down now and so loud music doesn't seem to affect me in the same way


I have seen this reported as bringing on AF by others but not experienced it myself.

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Thank you bob it just felt like it could. Fortunately it didn’t but I was in two minds whether to leave. However don’t want to let it take over completely.

Yes. loud music is an absolute no no for me. I have hyperacusis as well as afib. so I distance myself from loud noises. it makes for a difficult life.

Thank you for your reply I am glad I wasn’t being paranoid!

Definitely affected me whilst on holiday once & came across an open air rave with very loud beat music. The vibrations from the speakers made my heart skip beats - it was weird & scary. Needless to say I made a hasty retreat.

Thank you for your reply I think I will have to think carefully about which bands I see and where I stand.

It may take a day or two before you will know for sure. Sorry this happened but don’t worry because stress can affect it too. 🌸

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Thank you for your reply 🤞I will be alright


Yes...definitely! I have also been affected by vibrations on cruise ship.

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Yes it was vibrating the floor and me. Will have to rethink my concerts

When I had AF before my ablation I found really loud music quite soothing. I actually liked the vibrations in my chest and if I had AF at the time it seemed to calm it down!

However any vibrations in my chest are an indicator for ear plugs - I now have no AF but I do have hearing aids!

My take on this is that if you have vagally mediated AF the concern level could trigger AF on its own, if your general condition is very close to that trigger point. So the short answer stand way back from those speakers, as whether it is the sound or the stress it is not for you.

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Thank you that is very wise words. I hadn’t given it any thought until the music started and I felt that thud then I felt panic. Hoping I have got away with it this time but I have learnt a lesson 🙄

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