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Intermittent anticoagulation


I am considering this as am not keen to take daily as I have had a kidney transplant and anticoagulants are damaging to it. Have looked into it and results and outcomes very good and my doctors are amenable to me taking turmeric garlic and fish oils and rivoroxaban during an episode. I had a failed attempt at an ablation and since then have been on bisoprolol which has done the trick and have been AF free since April Does anyone here take anticoagulants in this way?

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I did look into it - and was talked out of it. I think it is always personal risk to benefit assessment. Always difficult when you have other health issues to balance overall risk.

Hi teddy, that’s an interesting question you raise :) I can definitely see the appeal of this kind of mix-and-match version of anticoagulation, but wasn’t aware that there was any advantage in taking a DOAC like rivaroxaban once an AF episode had kicked in?

I’m intrigued to know what you’ve found out about that- grateful if you’d share anything :)

I know I need anticoagulation anyway, as I have other risk factors. But I can see that with your other medical conditions it would tip the scales the other way. It’s so difficult, isn’t it, balancing all these unknowns, and especially when the stakes are so high.

I hope you get some helpful responses from others on here :) x

Risk assessment is always a difficult subject. Those with 'silent' AF who are unaware that they have a problem and don't use an AC drug, are at much greater risk of stroke than people without, but they don't all get a stroke, in fact only a 'minority' do . . .

I would definitely take the advice of your doctors on this.

If you are in the UK with your kidney condition ask your consultant if the NHS will fund a Watchman device or an Amplatzer amulet for you.

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