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Pace & Abate


Thought I would update as not been on here for a while .Today is my pre op for my pacemaker to be fitted next week it is to be inserted , then onto papworth for the abate when settled in , it’s been a rocky road as can’t tolerate drugs and spasms and rhythmic problems and now slow pulse , saw the EP at the end of April so it’s not been too long a wait .

Thanks to all listening to my grumpy days and for advise I will let you all know how it goes .

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I’m trying SO hard to resist the temptation so I’ll just say watchya Dolly....😉

Good luck with the pre-op and all best wishes for a successful outcome next week.....make the next post a good’n!!

Good luck. Let us know how you are. X

Best wishes for lots of improvements post pace and ablate.

Wishing you all the best. For what it’s worth, despite the obvious concerns, I consider P&A is a good option. At least one’s ventricles will be running sweetly rather than in the all over the place mayhem that is AF. As for me, I’ll try an ablation or two first whilst I’m still paroxysmal, but if things get worse in the future I’d strongly favour going the P&A route rather than stay in AF and/or take the likes of Amioderone long term.

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My EP advised me and gave options of ablation but because I’m intolerant to drugs etc and was too risky for me , it depends on your circumstances and what’s best for you .

I know this comment is kind of late for you but might benefit others. All these types of symptoms I have found are related to my neck and back. Getting them fixed has been a big challenge but the process of trying has confirmed this is the cause for me. Pace and ablate hopefully will fix your symptoms but may not actually fix the cause.

Hi Dolly I have had AF since November 16. After PVI ablation, 5 cardioversions, amerodion and all the usual drugs I was still in permanent AF so had a pacemaker fitted last October and had AVnode ablation 4 weeks ago, and now feel I have my life back, I would say I’m feeling 80% better.I am of all medications except apixiban, that is a huge plus for me as I was on digoxin and nebilet, I am a 64 year old female. Good luck with it all😀

Thanks Jenny glad to hear it’s working for you , I will be glad to not feel so tired all the time too my heart rate drops into the early 50s , without the beta blockers it would go mad , it will be nice to not feel so tired and have the energy . I’m a 56 year old female .

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