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Shortest episodes of AF?


Hi all,

First post in a very long while, it’s been a long few months. I took step back finding some normality after a very low period following ablation in December.

I am just wondering what are the shortest episodes people have had? As in could they last a couple of minutes? Or even a a minute?

My ablation doesn’t seem to have worked as when weaned off all my medications I began with extreme symptoms (accelerated heart rate causing headache, flushed face, auditory disturbance, visual disturbance, feeling of near collapse, tight painful chest) followed by extreme fatigue for a day or two. 100% worse than before my diagnosis or ablation.

But apart from the fatigue following , the rest of the symptoms last maybe a minute? Possibly two at most?

And ecg following this shows NSR with quite a few ectopics.

The episodes were so debilitating and over so quickly that my Kardia is just not accessible.

But off these episodes my ablation has been deemed either a failure, or that the AF returned much sooner than anticipated.

I suppose part of me is wondering if these episodes were even AF? I’ve only ever had one recorded episode of AF lasting a couple of hours and reverting after 100mg flec and some sleep.

Just airing some thoughts, Thanks guys.

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A leading EP once told me that nothing counts under 30 seconds. We are all allowed that much arrhythmia. Maybe a 48 hour or even better 7 day holter may diagnose what is happening. Speak to your EP.

RebbyAnn in reply to BobD

I had the 24 hour and 72 hour halter last year when symptoms had started. Nothing recorded but ectopics. Recorded random episode of SVT from kardia placed me on verapamil, two weeks later was my AF episode that landed me in ED.

Verapamil 240mg and flec 50mg OD for 6

Months Kept me completely symptom free.

Ablation in December in which no SVT could

Be induced, followed by meds until end of March again totally symptom free apart from

A few weeks after ablation where PE was suspected.

My EP wants to wait 6months and try and reduce meds again, but even he’s not

Quite sure what’s happening.

When you say nothing counts?

I'm surprised at the number of people I've seen have ablations after just 1 episode of AF. I thought ablations were more of a last resort if the AF was recurring. I was convinced I'd gone into AF one time and it lasted less than a minute as I started my breathing exercises and it stopped. I'm now wondering if it was just a prelonged run of ectopics. I have not had an episode in over a year but I still feel as though the next one is just around the corner. It just takes one miscalculation... Pretty sure I'm vagal because all my last episodes were brought on by known triggers. I haven't even been having that many ectopics but I do get this weird feeling still when I suddenly become aware of my heart even though my pulse remains steady and in rhythm. There are no outward symptoms other than the sensation I feel about being aware of my heart. I've still not found a way to describe this feeling to a GP accurately to try and ascertain exactly what it is.

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