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Woke up in AFIB today. It always hits when I wake up..HR 132. Dr says I can take another metoprolol and then wait to see if it clears up. It did but still lightheaded. Has anyone else been advised to do this?

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Hi Bud. Years ago I took Metoprolol on it's own as a cure for AF and it would certainly work. Unfortunately, it could then take my heart rate down too low and that would make me feel light-headed. I now take Flecainide and just a quarter of a Metoprolol.

I remember talking to my GP once about Metoprolol and he said, "I don't know why they make those tablets so strong".


Bud5 in reply to jeanjeannie50

Thank you for your reply Jean. I have been waiting forever for a appt with my EP to discuss this. I have noticed that my heart rate does go low with the metoprolol sometimes. I could get in with my EP in Utah within a week. Here in Oregon it takes months. I'm a interesting side note my EP from Utah trained the EP I will be seeing here.

good luck with the CV.....

Oh no so sorry! No fun

Thank you Jo! Best to you tomorrow with your procedure.


sorry to hear this, have you been checked out for Sleep Apnea?

Bud5 in reply to Hidden

Hi Mikee yes I have sleep apnea and wear my Cpap faithfully.

Hidden in reply to Bud5

Me too, so maybe SA is still the cause?

Bud5 in reply to Hidden

Maybe? I am always have something weird happening that the Doctors can't figure out. Lol

People are saying their HR is too low.......what is too low?

50 or below I think, from 60 to 100 seems to be considered 'normal', though different doctors may vary slightly.

I am on 25mgs extended release 1xday Metoprolol (plus eliquis) and when I go into AF I take a regular 25mg metoprolol and don't seem to have any side effects but perhaps its because I am on low dosage.

Bud5 in reply to brit1

Hi brit1, I take 50 mg of metoprolol extended release.

Hi Bud. I may be off track as Afib is Afib. Having said that, I tend to try and to pay particular attention to trigger factors. In your case ,it is a more than unwelcome wake up call, to start your day with. Two questions come to mind - 1) do you need more sleep 2) do you need a softer sounding alarm clock?

I can only use my own experience to hopefully illustrate a (possible) trigger. In my case due to some silly working hours in my life, compounded with the macho spiel of, (I'll get all the sleep that I need when I die), I used to go to bed very tired after a long day and literally be asleep within two minutes. Unfortunately, the next day the alarm clock with a none too gentle ring, would jolt me awake, (and I mean a jolt), this happened on more than one occasion to the point of feeling........ (that did my heart no good). The bottom line is, it did not.

Imo for what it is worth.........It is not always the obvious.

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