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Electric fence

Had Ablation 11 months ago, Seem to go ok for a wile, then bouts of A F, and now got flutter, Every thing is slow on N H S. nearly a years wait Ablation, 6 months for Cardiovertion,

Is it worth going in a field and touching electric fence like iv'e done a few times when i was a youngster, it might be worth trying it to get me back to normal heart rate,

you never know, got to see the funny side

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Had plenty of shocks off ignition systems but never had the desired effect I'm afraid . Sorry but the shock has to be delivered at precisely the right time in the heart cycle or it could stop altogether!

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I got a disgusted look off a woman, when I was trying to touch an electric fence and my wife commented that “he’s trying to restart his heart”

I didn’t touch it in the end, even though like you I used to when I was a kid


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