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Thyroid and afib and nodule

Ok, so I am a 38 year old male who was diagnosed with afib in May. After being diagnosed I had every test under the sun to see if anything could of caused it. Heart checked out perfect, everything checked out good. Then I went for a charotic scan and the lady who was doing the sono did an amazing Job and spotted that I had a gigantic nodule on my left side thyroid. So then the fun started with that .... 3 weeks later and 1 indeterminate result before sent for genetic testing to finally find out it is benign. (These wait times on these test are enough to put u back in a-fib). All my levels are normal as well. So my question is this, does anyone think that this nodule which is 3” big on my left thyroid could be causing my afib even with my levels being normal? Two endo doctors I went to see say no because of my levels. Just doesn’t sound right to me ....

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I'm not medically qualified, but I believe thyroid nodules are growths and not infections. These nodules are usually non-cancerous (benign), but they contain additional thyroid tissue, which can result in the production of excess thyroid hormones. An overactive thyroid can of course cause the heart to race.

There is an excellent website on Health Unlocked called Thyroid UK and I can tell you there's nothing the ladies on there don't know about the thyroid, medication etc. Do you know what the actual results of your thyroid blood tests were? It may be wise to ask your doctors surgery for these and then put the results on a post on the Thyroid UK website. Never mind that you've been told your thyroid hormone levels are ok, let the ladies on the site be the judge. They are just amazing!


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Your advice is excellent Jeaj....I was a founder member of Thyroid uk and via a doctor whose name I found in their magaine many years ago my thyroid situation improved enormously....this after years attending my local hospitals endocrine clinic with nothing happening other than me developing af due to untreated thyroid problems.


The worry about the nodule they found in the thyroid gland, is what is affecting your heart rhythm. Yes, low or high levels of Thyroid hormone can do it as well, but your doctors have reassured you that the thyroid function is normal. The nodule could just be a harmless cyst. People don’t always recognize the role of emotions on the heart. Emotions release chemicals that affect directly the function of the heart. That is the reason why I recommend not to become obsessed about the heart, because you can make everything worse. Very easily one can start checking heartbeats or blood pressure every minute of the day, making live miserable. Resist the temptation. There is plenty of life beyond AF.


Lolololol, have you been looking in my windows. You are 100% right!!! I have OCD to boot so it is hard to get away from that but I agree with you totally that it causes a lot of my heart arythmias. Thanks to everyone who responded, really appreciate it.


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