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Breathless after ablation

Dear other health seekers

Many thanks for your support and kind words over the last 4 weeks as I have now been through 3 heart procedures and had 2 spells in different hospitals and very glad to be home.

If it helps after various tests procedures my exact issues were only vaguely defined

1 afib - yep got that and hopefully ablation sorted

2 breathless - this proved much more difficult to diagnose - end result was my right chamber is slightly enlarged - causes dizziness, afib and breathlessness - get all of those so tick

3 other thing found was slightly more thickening of the archeries

But in the end no on could say you had x and it caused y so for now I am starting a cardio rehab programme offered by my local UK Hospital and have with help from youngest daughter decided to not let my health issues rule my life thus slow walks A gentle gym sessions and plans for the future and a resolution for 2018 not to end up in hospital as an inpatient

I wish you all well in your various recoveries and many thanks again there were moments of real fear over the last month and this forum really helped


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That sounds like a good approach to your rehab. Slow and steady does it but keep moving on. All the best.


You are absolutely correct about this forum. The suggestions, support, & information helps relieve the stress and anxiety of afib/aflutter


Great to hear. Great outlook. Onward and upward.


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