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Cryoballoon proceedure

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Hi all, had a cryoballoon (freeze) ablation 7 weeks ago. Had a couple of episodes since, but best I've been for 6 years (have had 2 other ablations) felt fine, back to normal in all ways until the other day when I suddenly felt dizzy (had a viral ear thing about 20yrs ago) and wondered if stress of latest procedure may have triggered it? Will be seeing cardiologist for follow up on Friday - will keep you posted.

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There is a vertigo type virus about at present . Both my youngest son and I have it (mild) and oldest son much worse with real bad head pain for four days. After talk with 111 today took him to A and E which was a waste of several hours. Eventually saw a doctor who said there is a lot of it about! Given prescription to stop him being sick (from vertigo) and told to drink plenty . Like what am I always saying.

Hello , I also had an ablation around the same time as you. It was my second and I'm having a difficult time of it. I have had dizzy spells and I'm very tired. I just don't feel right. I've seen my GP and Cardiologist. Both tell me I'm in normal sinus rhythm and to give it time.. I'm having most of the symptoms I had before the ablation. Does this sound similar to what you are experiencing? Pam

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