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Kardia advice please

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I am thinking of buying a Kardia and have been reading the reviews on Amazon.Some say bradycardia does not register and comes up as "unclassified" or "unreadable".

My hr is low at night, in 40s, and low resting during the day 50-60. It can then jump to the 100s when I start walking around. I want to be able to see the low recording.

Does anyone else experience this kind of hr? and will Kardia help keep check of PAF?

thank you

5 Replies
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that is helpful Jo. Thank you for getting back so quickly.



For the record "normal " heart rate is between 60 and 100 so anyNSR outside that range may trigger unclassified.


I have bradycardia and l get a unclassfied reading most of the time.

I have sent off for a reading £5, the cardiologist’s report always comes back with bradycardia or ectopic beats.


I'm the same. Usually have bradycardia when not in AFib. My average bpm is 47. It does come up as unclassified on the alivecor. Its not a monitor you leave connected. You have to actively decide at that moment you are going to take a reading, so if you were awake at night and took a reading it could catch your low heart rates. First thing my EP says when I go to see him is 'show me your phone' and he flicks through my Alivecor readings. I used it most when I was able to do pill in pocket (before 2 failed ablations). It's a useful device for keeping track of PAfib, just don't become consumed by taking your ECG. I also did an online 'Understanding your ECG' course when I was first diagnosed too. It It was a course aimed at Health care professionals/assistants returning to work, or those just starting out. I now understand about PACs, Ectopics and PVC's. I love my little gadget, and when mine stopped working a few weeks ago I was really pleased that it was just a battery change needed..! I would have purchased another one if needed. I personally find it a really useful tool. Good Luck

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