I doubt whether anyone remembers but earlier in the year I wrote that I was going to Peru and that I was a little anxious (to say the least) about how my AF would react to the high altitude. I would like to report that all went well! You are advised to drink lots of water and if you have a guide, the guide will help you to slow down when walking. I kind of forgot this advice one day and consequently spent the evening and night needing to take deep breaths plus my heart was beating a bit faster. My fault! I didn't have any problems climbing the ubiquitous Inca steps - and there were LOTS of them. So, if anyone is thinking of going to Peru with AF, go for it. You'll have the time of your life.

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  • I second that. There is medication you can take to help you get acclimated to the altitude that doesn't interfere with AF. Four years ago, I overdid the first day and passed out at Pisac, but my heart stayed fine throughout.

  • Thanks, Machu picchu has loing been on my bucket list


  • Me too! Really want to visit South America next year so this is excellent news 😀😀❤️

  • Excellent - well done!

  • Oooh I'm envious of your trip to Peru. Glad all went well.

  • I remember, well done, sounds great.

  • I remember too and well done you. I would have loved that , me and my trusty camera. Gives everyone hope that there are ways to do what you want Af and all! Stay well. Blue 🌝

  • Brilliant. Hope your experience helps others who are cautious about travelling

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