New here but an old hand

New here but an old hand

Hello , Kirsten here, I'm a graduate of papworth after having an ablation Pvi several years ago, I'm just beginning to be plagued with ectopic beats,last thing at night and in the morning before I get up which is leaving me with a lack of sleep and breathless .

I know it won't kill me but it was a long road to get to abalation last time and it would be good to have some companions on this bit of my journey . I am referred to see the cardio so again so we will take it from there ,

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  • Hi Kirsten,

    I have ectopics, as many people do post ablation. Have you tried the decaf route or watch the video on this forum by Dr Gupta about breathing. These two things may help.

    Best Wishes


  • I don't do coffee coke or anything with caffeine in , I do use the breathing it's helped x

  • What about magnesium, l have been on it for about 3 months now, help a bit with the ectopics, good for the heart and helped with my sleep.

  • I'll give it a go what do you take

  • I take 150mg a day. The RDA is around 300mg according to the NHS website.

    I tend to eat a lot of veg which also contains magnesium.

  • Hope you see someone who inspires confidence.

  • So do I Xx

  • Who do you see there ?

    Do you live near Cambridge, I was seeing if an AF group could meet here.

  • Not any more , I'm now in Durham

  • Hi from. Another newbie. I live in Durham too. 1st afib I August so new at all of this, my appointment to see cardiologist is in March after 4days in uhnd.

  • daisy , you are not aloneifyou need any thing just shout up , I'm Kirsten elder on Facebook if you want to add me . I had a fib ten years ago ,had lots of different tablets, and a crappy time before I had my ablation, I still take tablets and just lately a lot of ectopics. I think these are down to having a very stressful year at work last year, it's my body going slow down a bit pet, so for a while that's what I will do send much love x

  • How are you doing ?

  • Hi Honey. You found us again.! I know I don't need to say anything to you other than peace and love. Call me if you need to chat.


  • Hi my love , another week of so I'm going to watch all Sanjay guptas videos knit lots and try not to be afraid , it is just lovely to feel "not alone" Although I know I never am my darling xx

  • You can knit me a willy warmer any time. (probably get that deleted by admin LOL )

  • You always get me into trouble

  • Wow this is jollier than the usual messages!!!!!!!!L

    Now not too much excitement!

  • We go back a long way!

  • A very very very long way Bob is my twin, I'm 52 and he isn't we are ablation undies we have been through a lot together .....undies should have said buddies but it made me laugh so I left it .. Seemed appropriate x

  • Ablation undies it is for every now. And yes quite appropriate with your mind. (and mine)

  • Hi Kristen

    Watch the sugary snacks,alcohol and as Barry said no caffeine

    All the best


  • my cardiac nurse also said drink de caf tea and cut down on ventilin (i also have copd as well as a/f ) but you know a little bit of what you fancy will do you no harm is too short to dot the Is and cross the Ts

  • Mangnesium and all things Sanjay Gupta have been very positive , he is wonderful

  • Well it's back, if I go to work and am busy and stress with work it's yuk, stay off sick calms down lovely , but I need to work, I'm trying mindfulness and the mag taurate with a good effect I think the stress of worrying about how I am going to work is my trigger.. Any bright ideas

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