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Salbutomol (beta agonist), beta blockers and flecainide


Anyone here needing to take the above combination? I take the salbutomol (asthma pump) only when I do exercise as i have exercise induced asthma and beta blockers and flecainide daily.

I was on a different asthma med, but my pharmacy can't get supplies at the moment.

I am finding i need much longer to recover from good workouts as a result of the salbutomol (which doesn't go well with the beta blocker ... not surprisingly). The asthma seems to hang around longer and I feel more anxious (i think because of a higher heart rate).

If anyone has any tips on how to deal with this I would be most grateful.

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My understanding is that beta blockers should not normally be prescribed for people with asthma to start with.

Regarding any extreme exercise whilst I understand that some people are driven to this it is important to listen to your body and adjust intensity to suit.

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Thanks - I am listening today. Taking a rest from everything today.


Ask to try montelukast. I'm on it and the next morning my breathing was lovely and clear. I haven't touched the blue inhaler for a year or more. I'm PAF and take rivaroxaban and cetirizine daily which play nice with the montelukast.

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I take bisprolol only as needed


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