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Heart rate

Have just been to the stroke clinic, and the doctor said my blood pressure was low and he said I have to stop taking the 7.5 bisoprolol and I have to just take 5mg. I have these afib episodes every 8 days and they last for 2 days, this week they lasted 3 days. Now my heart rate will be faster over 100 and I am worried about my heart beating fast every week for 2 days or more will this make my heart worse? I have my first appointment for cardiology on Nov 7th. My doctor had put me on the 7.5mg from 5mg to slow my heart rate.

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There are other drugs that can be used but lets not get too far ahead of things. Your cardiology appointment should give you more help and not too far ahead. Don't worry about your occasional increased heart rate. 100 is considered top of the normal range anyway (60 to 100) so not too bad. It wont be a problem in that time frame.

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