Flecainide for PAC's

My doctor recently prescribed Flecainide for palpitations and PAC's which last for hours upon hours. My question is, does it take awhile for the Flecainide to start working? This is my second day and last night I had an episode which lastest for six hours. I am almost four months ablation, I know it takes time to heal, but these palpitations non stop are getting me down.

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  • I take 100 flecainide as a pill-in-the-pocket when an AF episode starts. It usually stops the fibrillation within 1 - 2 hours. If you are taking a daily dose then it is likely to have an effect quickly. I take 2.5 bisoprolol daily and I understand that this combination is good.

    If you are unhappy about having to wait to see the Cardiologist then it might be an idea to ring his secretary to ask if you could be seen sooner, by taking a cancellation perhaps.

  • Hi I had my ablation for ectopics in May but still have them constantly all day and night been prescribed Verapamil no effect and Nebavilin no effect! my EP has said he will do another ablation but doesnt think it will help and I risk him causing permanent damage apparently mine is a complicated case so what to do ablate or live like this! I so know and sympathise with you let me know how you get on Dee.

    Regards Ingrid

  • Thinking of you too Ingrid.

  • I found that 50 mgs Flec x2 day did not stop it but 100mgs x2 (middle sized dose) did the trick but I haven't had an ablation. Best wishes.

  • I am taking 50mg twice daily. My doctor said give it a few days. Today I feel a little better. I'm not having PAC's or palpitations for hours, maybe five to ten minutes and every once in awhile. Fingers are crossed.

  • What dose are you taking of Flec?

  • 50 mg twice daily

  • I had my ablation for AFIB. No more AFIB after second ablation but ectopics have persisted. For me Flec 50 mg 2x daily with metropolol minimizes them but you might want to go up to 75 mg after discussing with your EP

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