Long term Sufferer

Hi everyone this is my first post

thanks for all your contributions

I am 79 and have had A/F for 7 years

It came about after I stupidly ran up a very steep hill At first it came and went but now seems more permanent.

Apart from medication (Bisoprolol Apixaban amlodipine) I have had no other treatment.

A few weeks ago the A/F was not on but it came back on after a visit to the cinema where the noise level quite shocked me.

So,I find it best to relax as much as possible ,avoid strenuous exercise and stress

I also found that a large cold beer could trigger it off although a small drink with a meal seems ok

One more thing I had problems with rivaoxaban so I came off it.

Good luck to all keep learning


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  • Hi Barney & welcome.

  • Hi, I also had problems with rivaoxaban, so glad to be off that one

  • Hello Mike and welcome to our forum!

    Sounds like you are coping well. You know your triggers and what to avoid.

    Must say that I agree with the noise level in cinemas......must be an age thing ! Went recently for the first time in many years and the noise nearly knocked me out....had to stuff tissues in my ears. Ditto any music concerts as well.

    A large drink or meal is also a ' no no ' .

    I also , like many of us, find stress be it ' good or bad stress a frequent culprit.

    Keep Well!


  • Hi Mike, welcome I had similar experiences at 57, pushing myself up steep hills running & cycling and 80m sprints - as you say crazy but at the time it seemed fun and probably beneficial.

    Cold ginger beer also triggered my last episode 3 years ago and work/social stress. I would say you have Vagally mediated PAF i.e. the Vagus Nerve needs calming by lifestyle and diet (e.g. reduce gluten) changes and you may wish to look at supplements Mg & CoQ10. The medics have given me just Flecainide as I have a 55 pulse and 117/70 BP make any accompanying drugs not advisable - no other co-morbidities i.e. Lone PAF.

    The good news is if you have a similar situation you may not loose AF but you can dampen it down so you don't have episodes and the drugs have only marginal side effects..fingers crossed. I can't say it has been easy as the last 3 years ha been hard work researching and visiting Alternative Practitioners as well as the usual cardiologist and EP. I am really enjoying the new life AF 'forced' on me, good luck!

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